Merchant Spotlight: Cinnamon Rolls of Tempting Flavors From ‘The Sweetest Cinn’

We confess our love for these treats!

The Story

Inna Lao has always loved baking, and so she spent the lockdown honing her skills in the kitchen. Of all her baked creations, she enjoyed making (and indulging) in cinnamon rolls. Thus, she spent most of her time coming up with different flavors of the treat, each with her personal touch to it.

After sharing it to her family and friends, her baked creations really appealed to their sweet palates that they encouraged her to start a home bakeshop. Turning her passion into business, Inna started The Sweetest Cinn.

Photo: The Sweetest Cinn on Facebook


The Sweetest Cinn offers a vibrant and delightful lineup of cinnamon rolls. Besides their take on the classic pastry, or Original Cinn as they call it, the home bakery also offers unique flavors such as Apple Pie, Ube Halaya, Ube Macapuno, and Cinnamon Pecan. Check them out below:

Ube Halaya (Photo by Chichi Tullao, courtesy of The Sweetest Cinn)
Classic Cinnamon (Photo courtesy of The Sweetest Cinn)
Cinnamon Pecan (Photo courtesy of The Sweetest Cinn)
Apple Pie (Photo by Leslie Cheng, courtesy of The Sweetest Cinn)


Original Cinn – P500 (Half dozen)/ P1,000 (One dozen)
Ube Halaya Roll – P680 (Half dozen)/ P1,360 (One dozen)
Ube Macapuno Overload – P750 (Half dozen)/ P1,500 (One dozen)
Apple Pie Cinn – P600 (Half dozen)/ P1,200 (One dozen)
Cinnamon Pecan – P580 (Half dozen)/ P1,160 (One dozen)


How to Order

To order, you can either message them on Instagram or Viber at 09173219818. You can also fill out an order form:, and they’ll send you a confirmation message via Instagram or Viber. 

Pick-up location is in Makati. Customers may personally pick up their order or have it delivered via Lalamove, Grab or their chosen third party courier.  Mode of payment is through Gcash, BDO or BPI bank transfer. 

For more updates on upcoming flavors and other baked goods, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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