Merchant Spotlight: Nom on These Chocolate Chip Cookies from 'Kewlio PH'

Merchant Spotlight: Nom on These Chocolate Chip Cookies from ‘Kewlio PH’

Crazy for cookies? Check out this online pastry shop where you can get your chunky and gooey goods!

The Story

Kewlio wasn’t the first business to be conceived by the three Paguio siblings– Kaye, Ica, and Peter. The business that predated Kewlio was unfortunately, discontinued because the three siblings also had their individual careers and squeezing it in proved to be a challenge.

IMG 5704 1
Photo courtesy of Kewlio

Fast forward and the pandemic hit, and the country was put under lockdown. As opportunities for online businesses opened up, Kaye, Ica, and Peter decided to revisit their plans to start anew on their business. Carrying the lessons and continuing the passion from their first business, the three siblings started Kewlio PH.


The Paguios sold pastries in their first business, but they never got the chance to create and offer their version of classic chocolate chip cookies. This time with Kewlio, they decided to bake and make the beloved snack their primary product.

Kewlio’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are gooey, chunky, and chewy, with melt-in-your-mouth chocolates that will surely satisfy your cookie-loving palate! Their cookies also come in two sizes– the palm-sized and minis. Check out some photos of their cookies below:

IMG 5677 1
Photo courtesy of Kewlio
IMG 5583 1
Photo courtesy of Kewlio
IMG 5712 1
Photo courtesy of Kewlio

Besides their Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kewlio will also be rolling out a new product real soon, so be sure to tune in to their Instagram account for the announcement.



Palm-sized Cookies (Box of 5) – P250
Mini Cookies (Box of 10) – P200
Exclusive of delivery fee.

How to Order

To order, fill-out their order form here and send it via DM on their Instagram account. Kewlio will then send you a confirmation and the payment details including your order and delivery fee. They have an in-house rider who does the deliveries, but they can also take care of the booking in case the rider is not available. They accept payments through GCash and bank transfer.

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