Milky Dust Donuts

Merchant Spotlight: Delve Into The Delectable ‘Milky Dust Donuts’

Who can resist these donuts oozing with nummy filling?

The Story:

For 10 years, Twinkle Lacsamana has handled marketing and public relations in the hotel industry, until the industry was halted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This prompted her to find an alternative way to get by during the lockdown period, and it soon led her to the conception of Milky Dust Donuts.

Photo: Milky Dust Donuts

“When I decided that I’ll venture into selling food, I know that it’ll not be as easy as I think, and that there are no shortcuts,” shares Twinkle. “And as someone who’s been in marketing for over a decade now, I knew that I had to do something unique—something that will stand out from the endless waves of cakes, cookies, and sushi bakes.”


Lacsamana’s inspiration for her donuts was a video recipe of a Korean Twisted Donut or Kkwabaegi. She didn’t have any formal kitchen training nor has she handled a food business before, but she gave it her shot. She tweaked the recipe and recreated four variants: Ube Cheese, Classic Chocolate, Vanilla Milk, and Dark Mocha. All flavors are tucked with delectable filling and are coated with her signature “Milky Dust”.

Ube Cheese – Ube donut filled with ube halaya and a chunk of soft cheddar cheese
(Photo: Milky Dust Donuts)
Classic Chocolate – Chocolate donut oozing with milk chocolate filling
(Photo: Milky Dust Donuts)
Dark Mocha – Coffee donut filled with intense dark chocolate 
(Photo: Milky Dust Donuts)
Vanilla Milk – Vanilla donut filled with milky white chocolate
(Photo: Milky Dust Donuts)

Price list:

  • 1 tub of 8 donuts – Single Variant – P200, Assorted – P250
  • “Mañanita” tub – 16 donuts, any variant P450

How to Order:

For orders, you can send them a message on Facebook and Instagram, at @milkydustdonuts. They accept payment through BDO or GCash, and customers can arrange pick-up with their preferred courier from One Metropolitan Place, EDSA, Pasay City.


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