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Merchant Spotlight Chewbaker

Merchant Spotlight: The Chewy, Cheesy Pão de Queijo of ‘Chewbaker’

Go chomp on their addicting Brazilian cheese bread!

The Story:

Justin Qua first baked Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) as a gift for his cheese-loving girlfriend, Bea Santos. Justin used the recipe of his aunt and tweaked it to create his own take on the addictive gluten-free cheese bread. Not only was his girlfriend happy with Justin’s gift, she also encouraged him to start a business out of it. With their chewy products and Justin’s love for Star Wars, Bea coined the name Chewbaker.

Photo courtesy of Chewbaker The Wookiee

While Justin continues to be the baker of Chewbaker, Bea handles the branding and marketing of the business. She is also Chewbaker’s sole CTO (Chief Taste-testing Officer). Since their launch last April, they’ve already managed to sell over 3,000 pieces of their PDQ.


The Pão de Queijo (‘pown-deh-KAY-zho) is a chewy Brazilian cheese bread that is yet to garner much popularity here in the Philippines. Since Filipinos have this love for both bread and cheese, Justin and Bea thought it would be good to introduce something that’s a combination of both, with one of the most unique textures customers can experience.

Photo courtesy of Chewbaker The Wookiee

While it is their own take on the Brazilian bread, some customers have told them that Chewbaker’s Pão de Queijo is the closest to what they’ve tasted abroad. Others dub their product “cheese mochi balls” while some have likened it to the French gougères. But however the customers describe its taste and texture, the bottom line is that they love it!

Besides these hit chewy cheese breads, Chewbaker also teases some mochi creations coming our way soon.


A box of six PDQs is priced P320.

How to Order:

Click this link to order:

Pre-orders require 1-3 days lead time. Pick-up and payment details will be provided once orders are placed online. 

Chewbaker The Wookiee is located in Mandaluyong. For more information, visit their social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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