Merchant Spotlight: The Utter Goodness 'Otter Breads' Sourdough

Merchant Spotlight: The Utter Goodness of ‘Otter Breads’ Sourdough

Breads like no otter!

The Story

It all began during the second week of ECQ, when most businesses had to close temporarily due to health concerns. Marketing professionals and pals Paula Ferrer and Bianca Termulo were looking for good bread during that time. But since the search seemed futile given the situation, they decided they would craft their own artisan-style bread.

Otter Breads started with Paula and Bianca’s deep-dive into the science of sourdough. According to the latter, this was no easy feat because most tutorials online were done in cold countries and temperature affects the bread-making process.

Merchant Spotlight: The Utter Goodness 'Otter Breads' Sourdough
Photo courtesy of Otter Breads

“We posted a photo of our sourdough on our personal Instagram accounts and friends have been asking where we bought it and we proudly said to them– WE ACTUALLY MADE THIS!” shares Bianca.

“We started selling to our friends, then by referral from the nearby villagers. As the demand started to pick up, we decided to put up a social media page and have a reference name for it. Something adorable, comforting, and easy to the eye. Hence, the reference to otters.” She added.


The products of Otter Breads thrive with their sourdough base made from well-sourced fine ingredients. Their sourdough lineup includes focaccia, pancakes, pandesal, and pizza crusts and blobs. They also up the customer experience with complimentary product options such as their house-churned compound butter and the fusion of Sagada coffee and cheese on their sourdough pandesal.


Check them out below:

Sourdough Bread
(Photo courtesy of Otter Breads)
Photo courtesy of Otter Breads
Homemade Compound Butter
(Photo courtesy of Otter Breads)
Sourdough Pancakes
(Photo courtesy of Otter Breads)
Sourdough Sagada Pandesal
(Photo courtesy of Otter Breads)

Price list:

Photo courtesy of Otter Breads

How to Order

For orders, contact them at their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. All payments are accepted electronically via bank transfers, with Paypal options soon to be available.

They are based in Las Piñas, shipping anywhere in Mero Manila, Laguna, and Cavite. Orders are delivered through Grab, Lalamove, or Mr. Speedy, with fees to be shouldered by the customer.

You can also contact them through or +63998 5448140.

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