Rare Bakes Ube Cheese Pandesal and Strawberry Cream Cheese Pandesal

Merchant Spotlight: The Dreamy Ube & Strawberry Breads from ‘Rare Bakes’

You'll be rarin' to go nomming on these treats!

The Story

It all started with Clarisse Cucueco’s brother’s cravings for the ube cheese pandesal that was starting to become popular online. He couldn’t get some since he was in London at the time. When he was finally home, Clarisse urged her brother to bake his own ube cheese pastry, and ended up doing it herself with the help of their mom who took care of the homemade ube halaya.

After perfecting a batch for her brother, Clarisse also sent some to her friends and family, and it soon became a business. From a persistent craving to the meticulous baking process, Rare Bakes was born!

Photo from Rare Bakes on Facebook

The Specialty

What makes Rare Bakes’ Ube Cheese Pandesal treats different from the typical ones is that they top the breads with their signature “milky cheese crumble” instead of breadcrumbs. They also make their own ube halaya from scratch using pure purple yam.

Besides their first pandesal creation, they also added a new flavor that will make strawberry lovers blush with joy– the Strawberry Cream Cheese Pandesal. Check out some photos of their products below:

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Photo courtesy of Rare Bakes


Ube Cheese Pandesal (Box of 6) – P240
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pandesal (Box of 6) – P270

How to Order

For those who are excited to take a bite out of Rare Bakes’ breads, you can leave them a message on Facebook or Instagram; or via email at rarebakesph@gmail.com with the following information:

a.    Name:
b.    Contact #:
c.    Address:
d.    Order (s):
e.    Mode of payment:
f.     Pick-up or delivery?

Delivery booking and fees are to be shouldered by the customer. Payments for your orders can be done through BPI, BDO, GCash, or PayPal. Learn more by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Homestream images courtesy of Rare Bakes.

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