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  • Pan


    Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    An orphan boy is brought to a magical land ruled by pirates where he learns of his part in a prophecy that will change everything.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Felix Manalo

    Felix Manalo

    Biography, Drama
    During the American occupation of the Philippines, a man receives a calling to start a new Church and lead people in their faith.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Love Live: The School Idol Movie

    A high school idol group, on their last year of being together, suddenly receives an opportunity to perform in New York City.
    MTRCB Rating: G
  • Etiquette For Mistresses

    Four seasoned mistresses take a new girl under their wing to teach her the ways of being a kept woman.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Papa Francisco: The Pope Francis Story

    Biography, Drama
    The story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and his journey from the priesthood in Argentina to being named the pope.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • The Martian

    Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
    An astronaut stranded on Mars must find a way to survive on the planet until NASA can launch a mission to save him.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • The Intern

    Comedy, Drama
    A seventy-year-old man becomes an intern for the struggling CEO of a tech startup.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Hotel Transylvania 2

    Adventure, Animation, Comedy
    Dracula, worried that his daughter might leave him, tries to bring out the monster in his half-human grandson.
    MTRCB Rating: G
  • The Green Inferno

    Adventure, Horror
    A group of college activists crash in the middle of a Peruvian jungle and becomes captives of a village of cannibals.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Everest

    Adventure, Drama, Thriller
    A group of people fight to survive on Mount Everest when a sudden snowstorm hits their expedition.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Heneral Luna

    Biography, History, War
    During the Filipino-American war, the arrogant, temperamental Antonio Luna must deal with politicking and insubordination as he tries to defend the nation against its invaders.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

    Action, Mystery, Sci-fi
    A group of young people who have just escaped a deadly maze are thrown into another trial which has them trying to survive in an unforgiving desert.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Pixels

    Action, Animation, Comedy, Sci-fi
    Aliens invade Earth using videogames as a weapon. The military recruits the world's best gamers to defend the world against this alien threat.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Little Big Soldier

    Action, Adventure, Comedy
    A crafty veteran soldier captures a young wounded enemy general and drags him along on a journey across the countryside, hoping to ransom his quarry so that he may leave war behind and live a peaceful life.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Dear Enemy

    Comedy, Romance
    A former couple meet again in a corporate battle when both their companies want the same investment.
  • Full Circle

    Two retired bus drivers, old Zhou and old Ge, in the same retirement home decide to go on one final escapade with a gang of other senior citizens.
  • If You Are The One II

    Wealthy middle-aged entrepreneur Qin and beautiful flight attendant Xiaoxiao Liang question their relationship after presiding over good friends Mang Guo and Shan Li's lavish "divorce ceremony."
  • Paco De Lucia: La Busqueda

    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • The Devil Inside Her

    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Tres Bodas De Mas

    MTRCB Rating: R-18
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