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    • The Legend Of Tarzan
      The Legend Of Tarzan
    • A man raised by apes in the jungle - now returned to his rightful home in London - ventures back into the wild to investigate the activities of a mining company.
  • The Legend Of Tarzan

    The Legend Of Tarzan

    Action, Adventure
    A man raised by apes in the jungle - now returned to his rightful home in London - ventures back into the wild to investigate the activities of a mining company.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Independence Day: Resurgence

    Independence Day: Resurgence

    Action, Sci-fi
    Twenty years following an attempted alien invasion, Earth must once again band together to face an extraterrestrial threat.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Pinocchio


    Animation, Family
    A piece of pine-wood is carved into a puppet by a poor old toy maker. The puppet suddenly comes to life for feeling exciting adventures along with a female wood cricket.
  • Before I Wake

    Before I Wake

    Horror, Thriller
    A young couple adopt an orphaned child whose dreams - and nightmares - manifest physically as he sleeps.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • The Achy Breaky Hearts

    The Achy Breaky Hearts

    Comedy, Romance
    A woman in her 30s suffering from a dearth of men that meet her high standards suddenly finds herself having to choose between two very desirable prospects.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • The Trust

    The Trust

    Crime, Thriller
    Two police officers unsatisfied with their place in the force attempt to pull a heist on a mysterious vault on criminal territory.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • The Young Messiah

    The Young Messiah

    At age seven, the young Jesus Christ leaves Egypt with his family to return to Nazareth, and must learn to grow into his great destiny.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Worry Dolls

    Worry Dolls

    MTRCB Rating: R-16
  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory

    Adventure, Animation, Comedy
    A fish with memory problems suddenly gets glimpses of her family, and goes on an adventure to reunite with them.
    MTRCB Rating: G
  • Central Intelligence

    Central Intelligence

    Action, Comedy
    An accountant is drawn into a dangerous situation when an old classmate-turned-super spy asks him for help.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • Generation Z

    Generation Z

    An island where people pay to get a chance to kill zombies is thrown into chaos when the zombies get free.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Me Before You

    Me Before You

    Drama, Romance
    A young woman living a very plain life in a small town opens up to a recently-paralyzed man that she's taking care of.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2

    Horror, Suspense, Thriller
    A married couple that specializes in dealing with the supernatural flies to London to help a family suffering from a horrific haunting.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Now You See Me 2

    Now You See Me 2

    Action, Adventure, Comedy
    A group of magicians are forced into pulling off an impossible heist.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • *69


    Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    A young woman recovering from a major accident must uncover the truth behind a set of tragic events that are leading to the deaths of her friends.
    MTRCB Rating: PG
  • WolfCop


    Comedy, Horror
    An alcoholic cop is turned into a werewolf, and he uses his newfound abilities to help protect the people from an imminent threat.
    MTRCB Rating: R-16
  • The Ouija Experiment

    The Ouija Experiment

    Five friends attempt to produce a viral video by filming their experiments with a Ouija board.
    MTRCB Rating: R-13
  • Da Dog Show

    Da Dog Show

    A story of an old man and his family doing dog trick shows in Manila. They are saving enough money in order to fetch the youngest son from the husband's rebellious wife, who suddenly left their cemetery home and goes home to her family in the distant province.
  • The Martial Art Kid

    The Martial Art Kid

    MTRCB Rating: PG
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