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USD $1 ₱ 58.29 -0.3270 May 30, 2024
May 29, 2024
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Under Parallel Skies

2024PG 1 hr 50 min
Drama Romance
A man struggling with a painful past tries to move forward, only to discover that the woman in his present life has an uncanny connection to his past.
Main Cast
Metawin Opas-iamkajorn  •  Janella Salvador
Film Producer
Released By
Warner Bros.
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Ratings & Reviews

  • P

    I  really don't watch Filipino film. But this one is different. Based on the 1st teaser it's quite confusing, but on the 2nd teaser it makes me curious. And shit i  cried a lot while watching this film. I can relate to the story. And the cast is really good. Kudos to the writer and producer! 

  • J

    This is a emotional story of parallel love that will last forever and this is Win Metawin & Janella Salvador's best performances yet

  • B

    i appreciate the acting of the Thai actor & Janella, too. They were good!

    i got really entertained, it kept me thinking how this movie was going to end, but it still was a great love story! Congrats!






  • A

    WUTTHEHECK?!? Super naiyak ako here pero might just be me kasi iyakin ako. Expected yung ending but the pain and how they showed in little details yung ending is super great. If you like looking into small details and corny jokes this is a must watch!

  • K

    In this film, Win's performance is a revelation, diplaying a level of emotion and depth I had not seen from him before. Janella and Win effortlessly transition between English, Thai, Filipino nad even Cantonese, adding a rich layer of authencity to their characters. 

  • E

    A touching movie with a lot of lessons learned.   Both actors have great chemistry amd excellent acting skills. Must see movie!! 

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