New Year's Eve (2011)

PG Comedy, Romance | 2 hrs
1.5 - critic's rating |
On New Year's Eve, the lives of several New Yorkers intertwine as they all look for love, hope and happiness in the anticipation of a New Year.
Main Cast
Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, Jon Bon Jovi, Abigail Breslin, Ludacris , Robert De Niro, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Hector Elizondo, Katherine Heigl, Seth Meyers, Lea Michele, Michelle Pfeiffer, Til Schweiger, Hilary Swank, Sofia Vergara
Film Producer
Music Director
Released By
Warner Bros. Pictures

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2:25 New Year's Eve - Featurette
3:42 New Year's Eve - Featurette (Join the Party)
2:27 New Year's Eve - Trailer 2 The intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through romance over the course of New Year's Eve.

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