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How to Halloween 2020: Scary Things to Do This Spooky Season

Here are some things to scare yourself with this Halloween!

Halloween, like many other occasions this year, is not the same as the previous years simply because of the pandemic. Still, it’s the season of screams and scares, and we won’t let it pass without getting our dose of thrills, chills, and at some degree, fun!

If you’re still wondering what to do this Halloween, this list-o’-lists has you covered. We’ve rounded up our guides of creepy content to consume, and activities to do this spooky season!

Netflix & Chills

Of course, we can’t let Halloween pass by without streaming some fear-inducing flicks and TV shows. And when it comes to streaming, Netflix is easily the go-to!

Netflix Halloween tips and Tricks

Check out our list of eight horror flicks currently on Netflix including The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Strangers: Prey at Night, and more! If you want to watch the latest horror film and TV series releases on the streaming platform, check out this list. It includes titles such as The Haunting of Bly Manor, Ratched, Hubie Halloween, and His House to name a few.

But Halloween is not just all about streaming and Netflix knows that pretty well. Thus, they’ve shared with us some tips and tricks (or treats!) for your very own Spooktacular Halloween at home.


More Chilling Flicks & Shows

Besides Netflix content, we also have some other flick lists you need to check out. For the scaredy-cats out there, check out these ten not-so-scary films with a tolerable fun-to-creep ratio, including Shaun of the Dead, Ghostbusters, and more.

Photo: Chucky on Twitter

For big fans of the horror movie genre, maybe you missed some of the most iconic franchises. Here are 13 horror film franchises that you should have watched by now.

If you want to watch the “scariest horror films”, then perhaps you need to check out the results of BroadBand Choices’ Science of Scare experiment. According to the heart rates of viewers, the film Sinister topped the charts. Learn more about it here.

K-Trauma Creeps

Fans of K-dramas and movies must also not miss the creepy offerings of Korea. In fact, everyone should check them out. Binge our list of 13 Korean horror films and series that will give your finger hearts a tremble this Halloween season, including The Wailing, Bedevilled, Kingdom, and more.

Im Siwan in Strangers From Hell
Photo: OCN’s official website

If you’re a big fan of psycho-thrillers and slashers, maybe the first entry in our K-Drama Files article series will creep you out to your liking. Here are the reasons why Strangers From Hell is your Halloween must-watch this weekend!

Ghastly Games

Seeking a more immersive experience? Then perhaps you need to step into the shoes of the horror protagonists through video games!

If you’re more of a mobile game guy or gal, check out our roundup of scary Android and iOS games. Experience the jump scares of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the creepy atmosphere of Limbo, and more!

13 of the Scariest Horror PC Games to Play This Halloween
Photos: Steam website

Meanwhile, if you need the real scares out there, then turn on your PC, ready your headsets, and play some of the scariest video games that are playable on your desktop devices! From classics like System Shock 2 and Amnesia: The Dark Descent to more recent titles such as Little Nightmares and Blair Witch, these games are sure to get your heart racing.

Other Spooky Things to Do

Need more scares? Why not try reading some spooky stories in the dark? We’ve got you five reasons why the manga comics of Junji Ito are perfect for this season! Even in black and white, the manga master of horror can really bring you disturbing imagery and shocking stories resulting to real chills.

13 of the Best Horror Podcasts Philippines and International

Or if you’re not the type that sees the thrill in disturbing visuals, then you should just listen to some podcasts. Check out our Halloween list of horror and true crime podcasts, both local and foreign titles, to accompany you in bed before you sleep– if you can.

Halloween Treats

We’re not all tricks here. If you’re looking for fun activities outdoors, we’re also sharing with you some mall events and other treats that you can still catch until this weekend!

So, how will you spend this Halloween? Connect with us!

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