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K-Drama Files: Why ‘Strangers From Hell’ Should Be Your Halloween Binge-Watch This Weekend

We put the spotlight on one K-drama which deserves a spot on your binge lists!

With all the good K-dramas being released almost week after week, it’s definitely hard to keep up with the new ones, as well as the already-completed ones that have been sitting in your binge lists for the longest time. However, just like every binge-watcher out there, you’re probably still on the lookout for more dramas to add to your never-ending lists. If that’s the case, then we’ve got your back!

For this week’s K-drama files, we put the spotlight on Strangers From Hell, and why you should watch it!

The Story

Strangers From Hell is a 10-episode series based on the webtoon of the same name. It follows Yoon Jong Woo, a young man who moves to Seoul after landing a job at his friend’s company. Looking for a cheap place to live, he finds a small room in Eden Gosiwon, where he shares the kitchen and bathroom with other residents. Despite being unhappy with the place, he decides to stay in it for 6 months, enough time for him to save up and afford a better flat.

As he tries to settle in his new place, Jong Woo starts experiencing mysterious things which leads him to be suspicious of his landlady, his neighbors, and the handsome dentist who lives right next to his room.

The Cast

This drama stars Im Siwan as Yoon Jong Woo, a guy in his 20s who rents a place at the gosiwon. Aside from being a member of the group ZE:A, you may have seen him in his previous dramas Misaeng and Moon Embracing the Sun.


Lee Dong Wook, on the other hand, plays Seo Moon Jo, a charismatic dentist who has a darker side-job. The 38-year-old actor starred in Goblin, Touch of Your Heart, and Tale of the Nine-Tailed, which is currently airing in South Korean television.

Joining the two leads are Lee Jung Eun (Parasite), Ahn Eun Jin (Hospital Playlist), Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok, and Hyun Bong Sik.

Watch It If You…

…are looking for a K-drama that’s unlike all the other dramas you’ve seen before. Strangers From Hell is a psychological thriller that aims to question whether or not humans are born or are made to be evil. Although it leans more to the horror genre, don’t expect a lot of jumpscares from it as you already get the scares you need just by looking at the place, the residents, and Seo Moon Jo’s devilish smile.

The acting for the drama, from the leads to the supporting roles, is also top-notch, and I’d doubt that you’d be able to look at Lee Dong Wook normally for a while after watching this drama.

With its 10 episodes, Strangers From Hell is a drama you must check out just in time for Halloween weekend. It’s dark and creepy, and it keeps you at the edge of your seat from the start to that twisted ending.

Watch Strangers from Hell on Netflix.

Homestream image is taken from OCN’s official website.

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TV Show Info

Strangers From Hell
Horror, Mystery
Produced by
OCN / Netflix
Lee Chang-hee


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