13 of the Best Horror Podcasts Philippines and International

13 Horror & True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Tonight

Here are creepy stories to accompany you before bed.

‘Tis the season of spooks and specters, and there’s no more fitting way to celebrate Spooktober but to scare ourselves silly. If you’re in search of scary stories to lull you before bedtime (or keep you up at night), then this list has you covered.

We’ve rounded up thirteen horror podcasts focusing on paranormal encounters, folktales and urban legends, and true crime that can give you the thrills and chills you need!

Stories After Dark

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Stories After Dark is an independent podcast focused on the most heinous crimes and famous paranormal occurrences known to Filipinos, including subjects such as the Ozone Disco fire, Diplomat Hotel, Jennifer Laude’s murder, and more.

Grimcast Manila

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Grimcast Manila is a seasonal horror podcast with guests from all around the metro, sharing their first-hand spooky experiences and encounters with the unknown.

The Something Scary Podcast

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On this weekly podcast, host Markeia reads scary urban legends and ghost stories sent by their listeners who either have experienced the spooky encounters themselves or have written it straight from their creepy imaginations.

Crime Junkie

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Crime Junkie offers your dose of true crime stories. Here, they discuss some of the most puzzling crimes, most feared serial killers, and theories for some of the most notorious unsolved murders.

Dead Air: A Horror Podcast

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Dead Air is a weekly podcast that unpacks the horror film genre with accounts of its viewers– from the horror connoisseurs to the scaredy-cats. Every episode features a guest who discusses their favorite horror film and their experience with the genre.

Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

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Horror stories do not always involve ghosts and serial killers. Let’s Not Meet narrates stories from everyday people who had close encounters with creeps, stalkers, burglars, and other real-life evils that would remind you– it can always happen to anyone.

Welcome to Night Vale

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If you like your horror podcast with some humor, then welcome to Night Vale. This podcast centers around the fictional town of Night Vale where strange occurrences seemed to have become part of everyday life.

The NoSleep Podcast

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This multi-awarded podcast is an anthology of original horror stories. It is now currently on its fifteenth season, giving new listeners a lot of spooky tales to discover.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

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Sometimes the most baffling mysteries have not found a final conclusion, making it even more interesting to fans of true crime many years later. This podcast follows these kinds of cases, relaying you the details and the different theories surrounding the crimes.

Scare You to Sleep

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This podcast is packed with all kinds of stories set to scare you as you close your eyes at night. Scare You to Sleep tells stories about ghosts, monsters, urban legends, and real-life criminals with dramatic performances, sometimes even relaxing you with ASMR before scaring you too sleep.

Medical Murders

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We entrust our health and lives to medical practitioners, but there have been instances in history when the very people who vowed to save lives have played with life and death through their patients. This podcast will tell you their stories.

Alice Isn’t Dead

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Alice Isn’t Dead is another fictional podcast from the people behind Welcome to Night Vale. It features a series of audio diary entries by a truck driver who goes on a nerve-racking road trip to find her wife Alice who has long been presumed dead.


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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast that narrates dark historical tales including mysterious creatures, tragedies, and uncanny places that will definitely pique the interest of those drawn to scary stories.

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Homestream images from the Grimcast Manila, Stories After Dark, Crime Junkie, and the Something Scary Podcast Facebook pages, and Let’s Not Meet on Twitter.

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