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Record-setting stamp collection on display exclusively at Robinsons Manila

Kim Robert C. De Leon is sharing his collection of postage stamps featuring Popes at an ongoing exhibit only at Robinsons Manila.

The youth of today might not be familiar with the joys of stamp collecting given the ease with which they can send out text messages and emails using their smart phones. Despite this, there are still many who maintain and continue to grow their collection of postage stamps.  These people are called philatelists and they protect their precious collections in books lined with acid-free paper that they open and admire from time to time. Fortunately, one philatelist, Kim Robert C. De Leon is sharing his collection of postage stamps featuring Popes at an ongoing exhibit only at Robinsons Manila.

Guinness World Record title holder Mr. Kim Robert De Leon showcases his World Record Certificate and his impressive 2,398 stamp collection at Robinsons Manila. The largest stamp collection hailed by the Guinness World Record is open to public from April 29 to May 4 at Level 3, Lower Food Court area

This particular collection, amassed through the years, consists of 2,398 stamps that garnered for him a mention in the Guinness World Records in 2022. The bulk of his stamp collection is of Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis, both of whom have visited the Philippines.  According to the Guinness Records online entry, “The counting for the evidence took place inside a parish and was overseen by the priest. The event [on February 22, 2022] coincided with the 41st anniversary for the first visit of Pope John Paul II and the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, the first Pope.”

The largest collection of stamps featuring Popes can now be viewed by customers at Robinsons Manila from April 29 to May 4 at the mall’s lower food court area.

Visitors to the mall have until May 4 to view De Leon’s collection that was organized by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST) and co-presented by Robinsons Manila through Lingkod Pinoy Center. This notable event is being held as part of the 32nd anniversary of PHLPOST as a corporation under Republic Act 7354. In a statement, the corporation said it takes “immense pride in Mr. De Leon’s remarkable achievement and dedicates a special showcase of the collection available for public viewing allowing enthusiasts, collectors and visitors to marvel at the rich array of stamps.”


Robinsons Malls officials, Guinness World Record title holder Kim Robert De Leon, PHLPost officials, and Boy Scout of the Philippines esteemed guests pose for a photo during the opening ceremony of the Philatelic Exhibit at Robinsons Manila.

The collaboration is proof of the commitment of Robinsons Malls to foster cultural appreciation and engagement within the community. With this exhibit is the hope that people will take an interest in collecting stamps like Mr. De Leon who is also the Secretary General of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Their US counterpart—the Boy Scouts of America—describe it as “the world’s most popular hobby… enjoyed by millions throughout the world.”

In a charming turn of phrase, postage stamps are likened to “tiny windows that introduce the people of the world to the country’s leaders, customs, history, products and environment.”  With the PHLPOST exhibit at Robinsons Manila, one can add popes to that list.

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