Fantasy K-Drama: Mr. Queen and The Uncanny Counter

Love Fantasy K-Dramas? Here are 8 Titles You Should Watch

Which of these dramas have you seen already?

One of the reasons we love watching dramas is to somehow give us a bit of an escape from the stresses that we’re in. With everything that’s happening in the ~real world~ right now, it can be quite fun and exciting to get immersed in a world where the spirits and gumihos interact with humans, or experience a universe where characters find themselves in an era (or a body) that’s now their own.

Luckily for us, fantasy lovers, there are many K-dramas out there that revolve around these elements and combine them with romance and comedy. If you’re looking for more unique and feel-good fantasy dramas, we got you covered! Here’s a rundown of 8 titles you should check out right now:

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is about Han Se Gye, a top Korean actress known for the many rumors surrounding her. She faces a strange condition, where she changes into a different body and identity for a week, every month. She eventually meets airline executive, Seo Do Jae, who may seem like the perfect man, but is also keeping the fact that he has prosopagnosia (face blindness) a secret. The two then start to change each other’s life when they meet, with Se Gye being the only face tht Do Jae can recognize.

Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Min Ki, Lee Da Hee, and Ahn Jae Hyun star in this drama.

Where to Watch: Netflix / Viu


Master’s Sun

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin star in Master’s Sun, a drama about Joo Jung Won – a stingy CEO – and Gong Shil – a gloomy woman who can see ghosts – whose lives take a new turn when they start working together to deal with the terror and sadness brought about by spirits.

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Joining the two lead stars in this drama are Seo In Guk, Kim Yoo Ri, Choi Jung Woo, and Kim Mi Kyung.

Where to Watch: Netflix / Viu

A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey follows Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang — two immortal figures who are in conflict with each other but are both looking for the light in a world where evil thrives. Son Oh Gong is bound to protect a woman named Seon Mi in exchange for his freedom from exile. To do this, he must come for her whenever she calls for him.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is a historical drama that follows Jang Bong Hwan, a well-known male chef who suddenly finds himself in the body of Kim So Yong, a queen from the past. As she lives in the palace as the queen, Queen So Yong discovers that her husband, King Cheol Jong, is not who he appears to be, and is actually keeping secrets.

Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo, and Seol In Ah star in this drama.

Where to Watch: Viu

The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter tells the story Counters — demon hunters who work at a kalguksu restaurant as their form of disguise. It centers on So Mun, the youngest of the Counters, who quickly becomes the ace of the team. Together with Ga Mo Tak, Do Ha Na, Chu Mae Ok, and Choi Jang Mool, the team of 5 use their special gifts to capture evil spirits who threaten the safety of humans on earth.

Jo Byung Gyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yeom Hye Ran, and Ahn Suk Hwan star in this drama. OCN announced that a season 2 will be coming, following the success of the first one.

Where to Watch: Netflix

18 Again

The Korean adaptation to the Hollywood movie 17 Again, 18 Again follows Hong Dae Young, whose wife’s decision to leave him left him regretful of his decisions in life. One night, he suddenly finds himself in his 18-year-old body, with the chance to re-do his entire life. It was when he enrolls in his children’s school and starts befriending his twin children that he learns that he’s still got a lot to learn, despite having the mind of a middle-aged man.

Lee Do Hyun and Yoon Sang Hyun both play Hong Dae Young. Joining the two actors are Kim Ha Neul, Ro Jeong Eui, Ryeoun, Wi Ha Joon, and Hwang In Yeop.

Where to Watch: Netflix / Viu

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Shin Hye Sun stars in Angel’s Last Mission: Love as Lee Yeon Seo, a prima ballerina who’s cynical and arrogant. Following the sudden death of her parents, she is unable to love and trust anyone, especially with all the people eyeing the money that she inherited from them. Kim Myung Soo, on the other hand, is an optimistic angel who must find true love for Yeon Seo for him to return to heaven.

Where to Watch: Netflix / Viu

Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You centers on a 17-year-old high school student named Eun Dan Oh who, after realizing that she’s been experiencing gaps in her memory, learns that she’s a character of a Korean webtoon. She also discovers that she’s only a supporting character in the cast and that her actions are predetermined by an author. With this new knowledge, she attempts to find true love in her own plotline, while finding her way around the author’s plans for her character.

This drama stars Kim Hye Yoon, Ro Woon, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Na Eun, and more.

Where to Watch: Netflix / Viu

Which of these fantasy K-dramas have you seen or are you planning to see? Let us know in the comments!

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