Click's Picks - Comic Book Series and Shows Poll

Click’s Picks: Vote For Your Favorite Comic Book Shows and Series

We've shared our picks, now it's your time to reveal who's your favorite among them all!

Throughout the years, we’ve always shared our picks when it comes to what to watch, eat, see, and do. Now, it’s all about you. It’s your time to share with us what’s your favorite among them all by answering our weekly poll! In this edition of Click’s Picks, we’re putting shows based on comic books on the spotlight.

Click's Pick: Vote for Your Favorite Comic Book Shows and Series

15 Binge-Worthy TV Shows Based on Comic Books

There’s so much live-action shows based on superhero stories, so we’re just shortlisting our favorites based on more recent releases in both television and streaming platforms. Whether you’re a fan of comic books and enjoy seeing all your favorite characters come to life on screen, or simply a series addict who loves a good superhero versus villain story, we want you to join in our poll!

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Drama, Comedy
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