Tita Krissy Achino New Normal

The New Normal According to Content Creator Tita Krissy Achino

Kris Aquino's impersonator, Tita Krissy Achino shares his life before the pandemic, his new normal, and his hopes for the future.

It’s been months since we’ve been living in the “new normal” with most of us still working from home, still keeping our distance from each other, and still wondering when we’ll go back to our lives before.

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In this special series, we feature different personalities in various industries to have a glimpse of how their lives are pre-pandemic, their current situation, and their outlook of the future.

We talked to Chino Liu who is popularly known as Kris Aquino’s impersonator, Tita Krissy Achino. He went viral for impersonating different celebrities and as the navigation voice for Waze. He then decided to stick with the Kris Aquino impersonation which led him to create more content on television and on different digital platforms.

As of writing, he has reached one million subscribers on YouTube. On top of being a content creator, he is also doing digital marketing for McDonald’s Philippines and Pilipinas Shell. He shares he is an SK Kagawad in Barangay Don Bosco in Parañaque City. 

Before Pandemic:

Before the pandemic, I’m always preoccupied with work. My day starts with early call times for either events or TV shows. I did regular segment hosting for Unang Hirit & other GMA shows. On days which I am free from my “Tita Krissy” persona, I do store visits and meet Marketing people from McDo & Shell. I handle three (3) McDo branches in Parañaque & five (5) Shell stations in Laguna. This has been my routine for almost 2 years now. Whenever I’m free, you’ll either see me on our Barangay Hall or somewhere shooting for my vlog. 

New Normal:

Since March, I always get worried about our safety. I’m concerned about how’s my family is doing, how I’m gonna earn, how are we going to survive, and questions like that. There are times I feel anxious about what’s gonna happen in the next few months that we’re locked down, that we only have limited things to do. I don’t know how to get used to it at first—working from home, doing contents at home, shooting in the comfort of my room, not being able to see and catch up with my colleagues outside, just like what we used to do back then. But as time went by, I was slowly learning to live to the “new normal”. I go outside to do my grocery, attend meetings on either Zoom or Microsoft Meetings, virtually catching up with my friends, bringing my “musts” whenever I go outside (mask, shield, alcohol, ID, ballpen), etc. 

I think one of the things that helped me cope and adapt to the new normal is by accepting the fact that this will be it in the next few months or years; That, while we’re still hoping this will end soon, it won’t, given how our government responds to it; That it’s okay not to be okay and cry at times, get frustrated, and pause. Accepting the fact makes it easier for you, for us, to look at the brighter picture so we could think and plan what’s ahead for us. 

Hopes for the Future:

Like everybody else, I hope and pray that we’ll get back to normal… the normal we are used to. I look forward to more beautiful things for my family, for my career, and to what I can do; I hope for a positive outlook, an end result that we will be celebrating. And, of course, the hopes that this pandemic will end soon. 

And when it comes, I look forward to creating more content, traveling, and do extraordinary things I haven’t done in the past. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s treasuring every moment we have here. Live your lives to the fullest & enjoy little things, cos there are what matters most. And don’t forget… health is wealth!

Connect with us. Let us know whose “new normal” you want to see next!

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