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The New Normal According to Que Rica’s Rica Buenaflor

We talked to Rica Buenaflor who is the brains and brawns of Que Rica, a food brand that is all about promoting and elevating Bicolano cuisine.

It’s been months since we’ve been living in the “new normal” with most of us still working from home, still keeping our distance from each other, and still wondering when we’ll go back to our lives before.

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In this special series, we feature different personalities in various industries to have a glimpse of how their lives are pre-pandemic, their current situation, and their outlook of the future.

We talked to Rica Buenaflor who is the brains and brawns of Que Rica, a food brand that is all about promoting and elevating Bicolano cuisine. Rica who took Culinary studies in Le Cordon Bleu Paris now applies techniques and concepts she has learned in elevating Bicol Cuisine.

Through Que Rica, she shares stories behind the food products that can only be found in Bicol. She believes that the new generation of Filipinos should be proud of their food heritage. “If I can promote healthy eating to the younger generation through loving our local food, it will help our farmers, our producers, our country, and our planet,” she shares.

Before Pandemic:

Before the pandemic life was very mobile. I would spend my days in the office, kitchen, and at my kids’ school. My office is situated very close to my kids’ school so that I can visit them and have lunch with them. I would also travel a lot to Bicol in order for me to visit our partner producers and farmers of Que Rica.

New Normal:

I work almost 100% from home and the kids are also doing online classes. We have reconfigured our home to adapt to the new ways of doing things. We now have several “pocket offices/meeting tables” in our house for anyone in our family to use. Our dining room has become a virtual meeting room and a food photography studio. We are slowly transitioning our businesses from brick and mortar to digital. 

This is what my mantra is as I adapt to this “new normal”: DO SO MUCH MORE WITH SO MUCH LESS!!! (In terms of resources, time, and energy). I get to do so much more work with so much less time, I get to produce so much more output, using so much less resources, and I get to use my energy for more meaningful activities. I’m able to conserve my energy for those that truly matter to me, my family. 

Hopes for the Future:

I hope to see humans that show more empathy towards our planet. A more humankind race. More conscious of our carbon footprint, consume more local products, and more deliberate about our food choices. I see this happening now and I am very optimistic that we will come out to a better world.

I dream for Que Rica to be a pioneering brand that is democratizing eating well, promoting love for local food, and championing our producers and farmers through our food choices. 

Connect with us. Let us know whose “new normal” you want to see next!

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