Vince Velasco

The New Normal According to Fitness Trainer and Content Creator Vince Velasco

Host, Content Creator and Fitness Coach Vince Velasco shares his life pre-pandemic, his new normal and outlook of the future.

It’s been months since we’ve been living in the “new normal” with most of us still working from home, still keeping our distance from each other, and still wondering when we’ll go back to our lives before.

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In this special series, we feature different personalities in various industries to have a glimpse of how their lives are pre-pandemic, their current situation, and their outlook of the future.

We had a quick chat with Vince Velasco who is a host and content creator. On top of that, he is also a fitness coach at Flyweight Group Boxing Studio and Bare Manila.

Before Pandemic:

I’d describe my life before as organized chaos that I was thankful for. From doing the TV segments, reporting for games, Hosting my online shows and events, to my responsibilities as a trainer, to traveling for work, I absolutely loved it and am thankful.


New Normal:

A lot better compared to when everything started. Started accepting more the things I can control, what I can do, how I can help, and also things I can’t change. Life right now is a lot slower for sure, but it gives me the opportunity to reflect and work on things I should have worked on more before. It is a lot of organizing, back to studying more, doing shots, hosting events, and training people, all of which are mostly from home.

Hopes for the Future:

I look forward to spending more time working because I truly love my jobs, but also really making more time with people, those I love, and cultivating new friendships. As cliché as it sounds, I realized more so throughout this whole period that time is something you can’t turn back. Coming from a background of a family having financial struggles growing up I would also throw myself into work, but now I realized I need more balance and make more of a conscious effort to spend time with those I love.

I plan to work a whole lot more, grab every opportunity, but at the same time at least spend time with those I love twice a week. As for plans, nothing too specific, aside from traveling a lot more within our country and hopefully to other countries as well.

Connect with us. Let us know whose “new normal” you want to see next!

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