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David Licauco New Normal

The New Normal According To Actor David Licauco

It’s been months since we’ve been living in the “new normal” with most of us still working from home, still keeping our distance from each other, and leaving us wondering when we’ll go back to our lives before.

In this special series, we feature different personalities in various industries to have a glimpse of how their lives are pre-pandemic, their current situation, and their outlook of the future.

We had a quick chat with David Licauco who is a model turned television and film actor. Off-camera he has been busy with a number of business ventures with guidance from his family. Recently, he has launched, a one-stop-shop for everything healthy.

Before Pandemic:

Life before quarantine was really busy. I look back now and it is really all about juggling my engagements in showbusiness, business and of course, in between, fitness and my love for travel that I spend with friends and family. My routine is pretty straight-forward. I wake up, go to the gym, play ball, and get my itinerary for the day. I also try to sneak in some rest and vacation on my downtime.

New Normal:

Key word really is to adapt. It really felt weird and uncomfortable at the start of the quarantine because everything stopped abruptly. All things considered, I am just blessed to be privileged to spend my quarantine at home with family and be connected with the outside world through the Internet.


The sad thing is the knowledge that not everyone has that same situation and we are just trying to get through this. So far, this lockdown I just worked with people I trust to release new businesses, particularly

During this time, I also got to work on things that felt I need catching up on, like studying and time spent with the family.

Hopes for the Future:

My hope of course is for people I hold dear to me and all of us to come out of this healthy. It’s not easy to think positively but I think we just have to trust in each one of us to get through this without leaving anyone behind.

One thing that I also learned from this quarantine is my love for my craft. I just hope that all of the projects that have been put on indefinite hold would still be there after this lockdown.

Connect with us. Let us know whose “new normal” you want to see next!

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