Bea Policarpio New Normal

The New Normal According to Visual Artist Bea Policarpio

Visual Artist Bea Policarpio shares her life before the pandemic, her new normal and her hopes for the future.

It’s been months since we’ve been living in the “new normal” with most of us still working from home, still keeping our distance from each other, and still wondering when we’ll go back to our lives before.

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In this special series, we feature different personalities in various industries to have a glimpse of how their lives are pre-pandemic, their current situation, and their outlook of the future.

We talked to Bea Policarpio who is a visual artist based in Manila. She is an exhibiting abstract painter by day and also side hustles as a creative director for special projects. As of writing, she is working as a brand consultant with CRAY Cosmetics who has just launched on Lazada in August.

Before Pandemic:

Pre-pandemic life was hustle on full throttle for me. I was used to handling several creative projects at once, but now that the pace is different, I prefer to pour my energy into just my art practice and 1 major client over social media. Right now, that client is CRAY. A bulk of my time also used to be swallowed up by Manila traffic and client meetings. Now that everyone is work-from-home, the time spent commuting has now been spread into other pockets of time.


New Normal:

My morning routine has remained unchanged: I sip coffee and write in my journal for at least 45 mins to 1 hour daily. It is my form of meditation and alignment meeting with myself before dipping into the rest of the day. What’s changed is now the boundaries between work life and home life have been blurred into non-existence. Though I’m used to the nature of freelance work, I haven’t adapted quite well into the new setup, to be really honest. When you work in social media, work lives right in your pocket. What helps me though is trying to limit my online hours to working hours only. 

Hopes for the Future:

I’m excited to see how the local artistic community will usher in the new Renaissance! We’re in the 20’s, baby. Let’s make some noise and let’s make Manila beautiful again.

Connect with us. Let us know whose “new normal” you want to see next!

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