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    Entertaining but no real conflict, unless you consider the impending storm as “man vs nature” conflict... just a feel-good musical!
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    Destressing it is! MAMMA MIA!!! This is a must-see movie! Pierce Brosnan! You'll always be handsome and my favorite James Bond! Lily James! You're so beautiful and a great singer too! Bravo! Amanda Seyfried! You're always a sweetheart and a great actress! Jeremy Irvine! Always a cutie pie! The rest of the gang are undeniably great too and awesome! Star-studded! Colin Firth Andy Garcia Meryl Streep Cher Bill Skarsgard Dominic Cooper etc. Two-thumbs UP to this movie! That feeling that you won't get tired watching it over and over again! Kudos to all the cast and crew! You'll be singing your hearts out while watching! Chuckles. This is such a great movie! A musical but a masterpiece! Abba all the way! I wanna visit that island!

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