Troy (2004)

PG Action, Adventure, Drama 1 hr 55 min


Based on Homer’s “Iliad,” this epic portrays the battle between the ancient kingdoms of Troy and Sparta. While visiting Spartan King Menelaus, Trojan prince Paris falls for Menelaus’ wife, Helen, and takes her back to Troy. Menelaus’ brother, King Agamemnon, having already defeated every army in Greece, uses his brother’s fury as a pretext to declare war against Troy, the last kingdom preventing his control over the Aegean Sea.
Main Cast
Brad Pitt  •  Eric Bana  •  Orlando Bloom  •  Diane Kruger  •  Sean Bean  •  Brian Cox  •  Brendan Gleeson  •  Julie Christie  •  Garrett Hedlund
Released By
Warner Bros. Pictures

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