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Mosaic is a 2017 murder mystery by Steven Soderbergh, producer Casey Silver, and writer Ed Solomon, published via HBO. It is being released in two forms: as an iOS/Android mobile app and as a 2018 television drama. Mosaic is similar to an interactive movie; while the user cannot affect the plot, they can choose from which perspective the same plot is viewed, and learn different facets of it. Users can also investigate on their own time background documents, emails, news clippings, voice mails, police reports, and the like in a "Discoveries" option.

HBO plans to release Mosaic as a six-episode television series on January 22, 2018. The television series will contain largely the same content as the app, but without the interactivity or the ability to research documents, and will be slightly shorter.

Soderbergh has two more unnamed interactive storytelling projects under development based on the same platform created for Mosaic.

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