WATCH: 8 Makjang K-Dramas You Need To Add To Your Watchlist

Here are eight Makjang titles that will surely leave you hooked and intrigued.

Have you heard of Makjang dramas? These are dramas that use extreme elements in a show that isn’t likely to happen in real life. Usually, these have exaggerated plotlines like birth secrets, false identities, amnesia, adultery, revenge, murder, and more. It may sound ridiculous but it’s something that keeps the viewers hooked and intrigued. Today, we share eight of our favorite Makjang titles that will surely tickle your fancy.


8 Makjang K-Dramas to Watch After ‘The World of the Married’

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TV Show Info

The World of the Married
Drama, Romance, Family
The Penthouse: War in Life
Drama, Mystery, Suspence
Secret Boutique
Drama, Thriller
Romance, Melodrama, Family
The Last Empress
Mystery, Thriller, Comedy
Love in Sadness
Drama, Romance
The Innocent Man
Drama, Romance

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