Favorite K-Drama Kontrabidas: Park Haeng Ja, Jang Geun Won

10 K-Drama Kontrabidas Who Make Our Blood Boil

There's always going to be that one character in a drama who we love to hate!

Let’s all face it: a good show isn’t complete without a good villain to make the lives of our hero and heroine a living hell. And while we’ve always thought that everything’s all fun and colorful in K-dramaland, the same still applies to them. No matter how much we love our main leads, there will always be that nasty kontrabida who has the ability to make our blood boil whenever they come on the scene!

After listing down some of our favorite K-drama boys and couples, we now bring you 10 of our favorite K-Drama kontrabidas and why we can’t help but love to hate them! Proceed with caution because there will be spoilers on this list. Check it out below:

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Did we miss your favorite K-drama kontrabidas? Let us know in the comments!

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Homestream images are courtesy of Netflix and JTBC.

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