Crash Landing on You (2019)

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Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is a South Korean successful entrepreneur and a chaebol heiress. One day, while paragliding in Seoul, a tornado blows her off course. As a result, she crash-lands into the North Korean portion of the DMZ. Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) is a member of the North Korean elite and a captain in the Korean People's Army. As he is patrolling, he meets Se-ri and saves her. Having decided to help her go back to the South, he hides her from other North Koreans, especially Cho Cheol-gang (Oh Man-seok) who is out to expose him. As they spend time together, they fall in love.

Crash Landing on You is a South Korean television series directed by Lee Jeong-hyo and featuring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, and Seo Ji-hye. It is about a South Korean chaebol heiress who, while paragliding in Seoul, South Korea, is swept up in a sudden storm and crash-lands in the North Korean portion of the DMZ. The series aired on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix worldwide from December 14, 2019, to February 16, 2020.

It is the highest rated tvN drama and the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Main Cast
Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-hyun, Yang Kyung-won, Yoo Su-bin, Lee Shin-young, Tang Joon-sang, Kim Young-min
Studio Dragon
Produced By
tvN / Netflix
Release Date
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