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April 10, 2024
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The Titan

2018PG 1 hr 45 min
Science Fiction
A military family takes part in a ground-breaking experiment of genetic evolution and space exploration.
Main Cast
Sam Worthington
Released By
Pioneer Films
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  • DC and Marvel are doing a great job of making comic book realms come to life, but the plot of The Titan is a fresh change to the recent reel world. Brings back memories of the X-files, The Fly, and those other classic sci-fi films. Simple in its plot, at times, predictable, but if you're like me who enjoys watching SF just for the heck of it, watch it. For the true geek at heart. Great acting by all the cast, too!
  • J
    An ok movie, when in doubt just don't watch as it isn't that great. I actually got confused how a human's force evolution to survive moon titan would give hope to all the humans on Earth (the purpose of the whole Titan experiment) when u still have to evolve, I don't get the point of bringing a human whose dna is been restructured and evolved into alienlike to live on the moon titan would give a big hope to all the people on Earth, it's as if it confirms life on Titan?! It's like ok u can live in titan but u need to undergo a milliondollar and death nearing procedure to be able to. Haha, just my thoughts though. LOL

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