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Meet the Characters of Kevin Costner’s Western Epic “Horizon: An American Saga”

Discover the characters and story of Kevin Costner's latest Western epic, "Horizon: An American Saga," premiering in Philippine cinemas on June 28. Immerse yourself in a tale of adventure, survival, and the American Civil War era.

Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner’s latest directorial effort, his passion project “Horizon: An American Saga,” is set to open in Philippine cinemas on June 28, the same day as its U.S. release. Costner, who wrote and stars in the film, invested his own money to bring this sweeping Western saga to life. “I have a giant love for my movies and what they can be,” says Costner. “I was interested in the story that I wanted to tell. I put on the hat of being a financier, using my own money, mortgaging my own property, taking that risk to follow my own dream. I think, in a way, that I’m somebody that just had to go west myself, and not know what was out there, and not be afraid of it. And that all the trappings of the things that were good to me were not things I was choosing to protect. I wanted to feed my imagination and expand my possibilities.”

A Cinematic Journey Through the Old West

Horizon: An American Saga” delves into the allure of the Old West, exploring its conquests and losses through the struggles of many. Set during the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865, this epic tale will take audiences on an emotional journey across a nation divided. The saga is planned for four chapters, with the second installment arriving in August.

Meet the Characters of “Horizon: An American Saga

Horizon Settlement / Camp Gallant

Frances Kittredge (Sienna Miller):
A strong, maternal pioneer woman, Frances arrives at the Horizon settlement with her family in search of a better life. Despite the immense challenges, her resilient spirit shines through.

First Lt. Trent Gephart (Sam Worthington):
Stationed at Fort Gallant, Gephart is an idealistic soldier who questions his role in the world. He escorts Frances and her daughter to the fort, but struggles to maintain hope amidst the despair around him.

Colonel Houghton (Danny Huston):
The empathetic commander of Fort Gallant, Houghton understands the harsh realities faced by settlers but also acknowledges their unwavering determination to find a better life.


Sgt. Major Riordan (Michael Rooker):
A kind-hearted man, Riordan and his wife take young Elizabeth Kittredge under their wing, helping her and her mother find comfort at Fort Gallant.

Watts Parish

Hayes Ellison (Kevin Costner):
A loner seeking respite in a dangerous world, Ellison is pulled to the town of Horizon by a mysterious force. Though he prefers solitude, his survival skills often draw him into unwanted situations.

“Ellen” Harvey, a.k.a. Lucy (Jena Malone):
Living in Watts Parish with her husband Walt and their boarder Marigold, Ellen has endured a long and difficult journey. Despite the challenges, she remains a survivor.

Marigold (Abbey Lee):
A boarder in Ellen’s home, Marigold is a brave and resourceful woman on the run with Hayes Ellison. She dreams of earning her independence through her wits and spirit.

Caleb Sykes (Jamie Campbell Bower):
A vicious and conceited outlaw, Caleb is the son of the notorious Sykes family. He and his brother act as emissaries, cleaning up their father’s dirty business.

Native Americans – White Mountain Apache

Pionsenay (Owen Crow Shoe):
An Apache warrior pushed to brutality by the encroaching settlers, Pionsenay loses faith in humanity and leads the resistance to protect his people’s way of life.

Taklishim (Tatanka Means):
A former fearless warrior now grounded by his family, Taklishim is torn between loyalty to his father, the Chief, and his brother Pionsenay, who leads the resistance.

Liluye (Wasé Chief):
Taklishim’s wife, Liluye is a loyal and questioning presence, concerned about her husband’s choices in the face of the settlers’ encroachment.

Wagon Train

Matthew Van Weyden (Luke Wilson):
A de facto leader of the wagon train, Van Weyden navigates the trials of the journey with dignity, despite the thankless nature of his role.

Hugh Proctor (Tom Payne) and Juliette Chesney (Ella Hunt):
A British couple traveling to Horizon, Hugh and Juliette’s idealistic notions are challenged by the harsh realities of the trail. They struggle to adapt to the unspoken rules and diverse temperaments of their fellow travelers.

Owen Kittredge (Will Patton):
A widower traumatized by the Civil War, Owen leads his three daughters on the wagon train, raising them to be tough and resilient.

Diamond Kittredge (Isabelle Fuhrman):
Owen’s resilient and independent daughter, Diamond, has had to forfeit her femininity to endure the rugged journey of the wagon train.

Sig (Douglas Smith) and Birke (Roger Ivens):
Laplanders with a menacing edge, Sig and Birke join the wagon train, with Sig taking an unhealthy liking to Juliette, followed loyally by the brutish Birke.

Experience the Epic

Get ready to be swept away when the first chapter of “Horizon: An American Saga,” distributed in the Philippines by Parallax Studios and Saga Film Studios with Axinite Digicinema, opens in cinemas on June 28. Don’t miss this epic journey through the American West! #HorizonAmericanSaga

Follow Parallax Studios and Saga Film Studios on Facebook for the latest updates on “Horizon: An American Saga.” 

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