Now Streaming: ‘School Tales The Series’ is Netflix’s New Thai Horror Anthology

Schoolyard ghost stories are brought to life in this new anthology from Thailand!

School Tales The Series, a new Thai anthology series just dropped on Netflix! Based on eight horror comics set in schools, the show rounds up different seasoned directors to have their own take on each terrifying tale.

Thai anthologies aren’t new on Netflix, with Girl From Nowhere being one of the most popular titles on the platform under that genre. But unlike Girl From Nowhere where we see a recurring antagonist, this new series focuses solely on bringing you scares, one episode at a time.

Watch the trailer for School Tales The Series below:

Here are the School Tales episodes and their synopses: 7AM tells the story of a ghost that writes messages on the blackboard every morning. In Vengeful Spell, a student uncovers a mysterious box in the school attic and curses another student out of jealousy. Beautiful follows the most beautiful student in the school who finds her match when someone else became more beautiful than her overnight. The Book of Curses revolves around a mysterious book that a transfer student uses to get back at her bullies.

Meanwhile, Headless Teacher follows two students trying to locate the head of their teacher who died in mysterious circumstances. Lunch tells the story of a student who gets into trouble after exposing the questionable ingredients at a popular school lunch stall. Curse is about a cowardly student who is forced by her bullies to make a wish to a school nurse ghost. Finally, A Walk in School follows a student who livestreams the school grounds at night as he tries to prove that ghosts aren’t real.


The show’s directors include Thanadol Nualsuth, Puttipong Saisrikaew, Songsak Mongkolthong, Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon, Saniphong Suddhiphan, and Natthapong Wongkaweepairoj. Meanwhile, the cast members include Lertsittichai, Nutchapan Paramacharoenroj, Panisara Rikulsurakan, Jennis Oprasert, Siwat Jumlongkul, Thasorn Klinnium, Shinaradee Anupongpichart, Patchanan Jiajirachote, and Sarika Sartsilpsupa to name a few.

You can now stream all eight episodes of School Tales The Series on Netflix. Follow us on  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to get the latest news on film, TV, and more updates around the city!

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