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15 of the Best Horror Manga and Webtoon Series Out There

Here are some manga and webtoon series that will creep you out!

Looking for a new kind of horror? If you’ve always loved stories that spook, scare, and disturb, and have entertained this love for the macabre by watching films and shows, then you should also not miss the good horror manga and webtoon series out there! Ranging from the creepy, to the bizarre, to the terrifyingly bloody, we’ve listed down fifteen titles that are great choices if you need some chills on your next read!

Manhwa Series

1. Tales of the Unusual

By Sungdae Oh (On-going)

Tales of the Unusual is a collection of short, creepy stories that involve all sorts of uncanny concepts ranging from the supernatural to science fiction. Filled with compelling suspense and unexpected plot twists, this anthology series delivers an entertaining read through its mini horror tales that are scary, highly bizarre, and at times, even heartbreaking.


By Kyusam Kim (Completed)

A bug apocalypse takes place after gigantic oxygen-doped bees surface to infest the world and dominate the food chain. Lee, a mid-level manager at a large company must survive the hordes of these killer insects and save his family from the dangers of their new world. This series is truly a fear-inducing read especially if get uneasy around bugs.

Photo: Webtoon website

3. Distant Sky

By Inwan Youn and Sunhee Kim (On-going)

Distant Sky begins with the young boy Haneul who wakes up enveloped by total darkness. When he shines the light of his phone in front of him, he sees a pile of rubble with dead bodies. As Haneul searches for an exit, a disturbing realization kicks in– he isn’t trapped at all, the light from the sky has just completely vanished and the whole city is in ruins.

4. Horang’s Nightmare

By Horang (Completed)

This webcomic offers another collection of horror stories, but what makes it stand out is its use of the special effects available on the Webtoon platform. It incorporates some animation, music, and sound effects that take the scares to the next level.

5. Sweet Home

By Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang (Completed)

Now a live-action K-thriller, Sweet Home follows a young man’s literal descent into monstrosity. It centers on the suicidal Hyun-soo whose plans of killing himself are disrupted when his bloodied neighbor shows up at his apartment door. He soon learns that the other tenants are experiencing the same– turning into monsters that manifest their deepest desires.

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6. Unknown Caller

By various artists (Completed)

If you want some spur-of-the-moment frights, check out this anthology manhwa that has been scaring readers since 2016. With its short three episodes, terrifying special effects, and creepy stories, this is a great choice if you want a quick read that would probably keep you up at night.

7. Witch Creek Road

By Garth the Geek and Kenan Halilovic (On-going)

This webtoon opens with Sara, standing in a circle drawn by a female demon while her friends’ maimed body parts are being devoured by another demon. Witch Creek Road is a bloody ride for readers that also incorporates love, acceptance, death, and revenge in its horror storyline.

Manga Series

8. Ghost Hunt

By Shiho Inada (Completed)

This manga series follows the paranormal adventures of the high school student Mai Taniyama, who becomes acquainted with Kazuya, the young president of the Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR). Together, they try to solve mysteries that involve ghosts and other supernatural beings.

9. I Am a Hero

By Kengo Hanazawa (Completed)

This manga series offers a bizarre combination of zombie horror, gore, comedy, and drama. It follows the eccentric Hideo who is frustrated with his career, relationships, and just life in general. Everything changes when the zombie apocalypse happens, and he must step up and survive alongside eople he’d met along the way.

10. Another

By Ayatsuji Yukito (Completed)

This horror manga series was made more famous by its anime adaptation. The young student Koichi Sakibara transfers to Yomiyama Middle School only to get involved in a mysterious curse that causes the members of the class to die gruesome deaths.

11. Uzumaki

By Junji Ito (Completed)

When it comes to horror manga, one shouldn’t skip the works of Junji Ito. In Uzumaki, a quiet town becomes the center of strange occurrences that involve the spiral shape. At first, the townsfolk were only obsessed or paranoid when it comes to the shape, but soon, the curse takes a more physical effect on them, with people twisting their own bodies into spirals.

Photo: VIZ Media website

12. Gyo

By Junji Ito (Completed)

Here’s another disturbing title from Junji Ito. Gyo follows the couple Tadashi and Kaori who must fight for their survival during the invasion of horrifying creatures from under the ocean– fishes with metallic, spider-like legs attached to them. After the fishes have rotten, the metallic legs begin to seek human hosts.

Photo: VIZ Media website

13. Tomie

By Junji Ito (Completed)

Tomie centers on the titular character who uses her supernatural beauty to hide her sinister motives. With her hypnotic looks, Tomie turns anyone thirsty for blood, whether it is the guys killing each other to win her affection, or the girls who are filled with jealousy and rage.

Photo: VIZ Media website

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14. Gantz

By Hiroya Oku

This manga does not hold back from being gruesome and violent. Gantz begins with the high school friends Kei and Masaru who died after trying to save a drunk man on the train tracks. On the afterlife, they become part of a deadly game where they must kill extraterrestrial beings for a chance to reclaim their lives.

15. Berserk

By Kentaro Miura

This series is a medieval dark fantasy that’s mixed with horror and action. It follows the warrior Guts whose gritty adventures involve facing different kinds of terrifying monsters that are truly brought to life on paper by Kentaro Miura’s exceptional penwork.

Photo: Dark Horse website

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