Vannie Escano

Vannie Escano is a certified food enthusiast and is interested in pretty much everything going on around the Metro: from the newest clubs and bistros to events--plus occasional travel as well. Born and raised in Manila, this Pyschology graduate from De La Salle University is a frustrated guidance counselor and advice columnist (in her own diary). Working full-time as brand marketer for a large food and beverage company, she writes to de-stress from her very tight work schedule, a working woman's lifestyle that does not--fortunately--keep Vannie from partying, hitting a hip-hop club, or enjoying a quiet dinner and coffee with her friends on a Friday night.

Weekends are "family time" and "me time" for this workhorse as she loves to read a book, sleep in, watch TV and cook for her family. They say life is a roller coaster, but for Vannie, life is a freeway--the only option is to take the route and move forward. Fast.

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