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USD $1 ₱ 58.19 0.0240 May 27, 2024
May 23, 2024
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  • J

    Why so many people didn't like this film does this deserve the hate I mean the movie was so interesting the cgi and the ghost were great I like Tiffany hadish in the movie.

  • S

    I Should have listend to the first 3 reviews. Not worth your money. I just realized the last three comments came from the same person...  Bad CGI, corny jokes, dumb characters, plotline is verrrry common.. Mission impossible is sooo much better!!! Watch if you want to toast your braincells

  • J

    The first review you just seen was my son because he really like the movie he use 3 cellphones. But for me meh comedies now i give it a 2 i slept while watching this i just like the effects and that's it nothing new.

  • B

    Brought my daughter (10yrs old) and son (6yrs old) watching this film at a directors club. Halfway through they wanted to leave the theater. They find it boring. So we watched another film instead. Whatever the target market of this movie is, I'm sure they are not for children. We are dissappointed.

  • D

    Not scary. Not funny. If you like heavy CGI snorefest film then go watch this one. I thought disney will finally redeem The Haunted Mansion (2003) but it really dissappoints. Star studded cast but forgettable and unlikable characters. Cash-grab movie. Watch "Talk to Me" instead.

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