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Disney+’s Hallowstream: Your Ultimate Guide to a Spooktacular Family Halloween

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween with Disney+ Hallowstream! From family-friendly scares to intense thrillers, find out how to make your Halloween hauntingly memorable.

Halloween is not just about dressing up and trick-or-treating; it’s a season of spine-tingling fun and thrilling adventures, especially with Disney+’s Hallowstream! Embrace the spooky spirit as Disney+ rolls out a cauldron bubbling with both family-friendly scares and heart-pounding thrillers.

As the Halloween long weekend arrives, Disney fans of all ages can relish a blend of light-hearted and comedy horror, or plunge into a world filled with the wildest frights and thrills. So, gather your loved ones, dim the lights, and get ready for an unforgettable Halloween adventure with Disney+ Hallowstream.

Thrills and chills for the family

The Halloween season is a great way to spend quality family time and enjoy some light-hearted horror. Enter the Haunted Mansion and witness a century’s worth of frights in a single night, or uncover supernatural mysteries with Goosebumps. You can also have a mystical Halloween with Hocus Pocus, or have the most heartwarming Halloween with the family in Coco. And don’t forget to include the fun whimsical yet frightful film, Nightmare Before Christmas, which follows Jack Skellington, the king of Halloweentown. Looking to find new places to fright, he enters the world of Christmastown, leading to an adventure filled with music, discovery, and love. Whichever you choose, have a chilling and thrilling long weekend Hallowstream ahead!

Classic horror nights


Why not revisit some of the classics with your family? Snuggle up and introduce the younger generation to the iconic tales that shaped your childhood Halloweens. Every family member, young and old, will find something to enjoy.

For a more serious hardcore horror experience, you can catch some of the scariest suspense and thriller content on Disney+ Hallowstream. Discover horrors that lie closer to home with The Boogeyman, or uncover the mystery behind disturbing phenomena in Revenant. Experience a multitude of frights from the horror anthology American Horror Story, or escape an invasion from the unknown in “No One Will Save You.” In a season of frights, experience the biggest ones only on Disney+.

Join the Hallowstream Community

This Halloween, make memories that last. Whether you’re snuggling under blankets with family or gripping the edge of your seat in fear, Disney+’s Hallowstream has something for everyone. Don’t forget to share your spooky experiences and join the online community with the hashtags #DisneyPlusPH and #Hallowstream.

So, are you ready to embark on this hair-raising journey? Turn on Disney+ Hallowstream, and let the frights, fun, and family memories begin. Happy Halloween! 

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