USS Indianapolis: Disaster at Philippine Sea (2016)

PG Action, War
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Near the end of World War II, an American ship is stranded in the Philippine sea and must await rescue in shark infested waters.
Main Cast
Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane
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  • J
    Filipino moviegoers expecting to actually see some part of the Philippines or see Filipinos in action in this film will be disappointed. The Philippines was mentioned but was never actually shown except for scene labels to establish the location. There was an extra card interrupting the closing credits stating how the search for the wreck of the Indianapolis was undertaken in 2001 in cooperation with the Philippine government and National Geographic. That was all about the Philippines here, nothing more.
  • R
    Makes me scared to assume we will be in the same boat now with the China Issue. The idea alone is torturesome and seeing this one long movie makes it gruelling. Something doesnt quite work with this movie as it feels disjointed.

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