The Shape of Water (2018)

R-13 Fantasy, Romance2 hrs 14 min
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Story 7
Magical 7
Female lead 6
Amazing Visual Effects 2
Heartwarming 1
Great in 3D 1
Set in the 60's, it follows a mute janitor at a top secret research facility who forms a unique relationship with an amphibious creature that is being held in captivity.
Main Cast
Sally Hawkins
Ratings & Reviews
  •   Mon, 12 Mar 2018 7:09 PM

    Love the Female lead
    Love the Story
    Amazing Visual Effects
  •   Sun, 25 Feb 2018 3:07 PM

    Love the Female lead
    Amazing Visual Effects
    Great in 3D
  •   Sat, 24 Feb 2018 9:22 AM

    Love the Female lead
    Love the Story

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