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Everything Everywhere All at Once

2022R-13 2 hrs 20 min
Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively called Daniels), Everything Everywhere All At Once is a comedy sci-fi action-adventure that follows a Chinese American woman stuck in the middle of a ruptured multiverse. She must then use her newfound powers to face bizarre and bewildering dangers that threaten the fate of the world.
Main Cast
Michelle Yeoh  •  Stephanie Hsu  •  Ke Huy Quan  •  James Hong  •  Jamie Lee Curtis  •  Jenny Slate
Released By
A24 Films
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Ratings & Reviews

  • Simply wonderful in every way possible? The writing, the style, the outfits, the score, the editing, the lights, and the performances!!  Plus the pacing was perfectly done! So life-affirming, charming, and incredibly lovely. 

    Nothing matters. But this film? It matters!

  • This film is a must-watch. It has amazing action scenes mixed with funny absurdities. What I didn't expect was the drama, which will really take you to an emotional rollercoaster ride.

  • L

    I actually watched this at home because I wasn't able to watch it on the cinemas. If it re-releases here in my city, I would definitely rewatch it again and again! It was just so good and tackled the multiverse better than some movies, whilst also adding layers to it's story! My movie of the year!

  • C

    absurd. heartfelt. never expected to cry to rocks with googly eyes on them or hotdog fingers but here we are

  • M

    Weird and interesting movie. There were boring scenes so you have to be patient understanding the story.

    Part 1: Everything

    Part 2: Everywhere

    Part 3: All at once

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