Stuber (2019)

R-13 Action, Comedy 1 hr 40 min
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An Uber driver unwillingly becomes part of a police officer's arrest operation even though he was against being a part of it all and was just doing his job.
Main Cast
Kumail Nanjiani  •  Dave Bautista  •  Iko Uwais
Released By
20th Century Fox

Ratings & Reviews

  • Was it just me or it's really not funny at all? Nothing amusing, just a predictable buddy-cop physical comedy delivered in awkward and clumsy way. The plot is stupid, pretty bad in a good kind of way. Only got entertained with a few violent action sequences. Go save your money. Parang pang-Netflix release lang 'to. Hahah! RyanGosling.VetClinic.EmotionalStripper.
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