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Prime Picks: The Best of Prime Video’s September 2023 Highlights

TV shows & movies coming to Prime Video in September 2023.

September’s streaming forecast promises riveting plots and iconic characters, as Prime Video unveils its most anticipated releases of 2023. From tales of vengeance in lavish households to touching stories of friendship amidst adversity, there’s a binge-worthy treat for everyone. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join in on this extraordinary viewing journey as we explore the hottest releases lighting up screens this month.

Dirty Linen

September 7, 2023
12 – episode Prime Video exclusive cut
Cast: Janine Gutierrez, Zanjoe Marudo, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, John Arcilla, Janice de Belen, Angel Aquino, Joel Torre, Epy Quizon, JC Santos, Christian Bables

Burdened by the knowledge of her mother’s sudden death at the hands of a prominent family known as the Fieros, a woman named Alexa takes on a new identity as a maid named Mila in order to infiltrate their wealthy household. There, she hopes to uncover each of the family’s darkest secrets, and seize the long-awaited opportunity to deliver a serving of justice on a shiny, cold platter. Alexa is not alone, though. Helping her are three more people who also lost their loved ones working under the Fiero family. But despite their solidarity and teamwork, they soon hit a roadblock in the form of a man named Aidan – the troubled Fiero golden son who Alexa becomes drawn to.

Sitting in Bars with Cake

September 8, 2023
Cast: Yara Shahidi, Odessa A’zion, Martha Kelly, with Ron Livingston and Bette Midler
Runtime: 01 hr 59 mins

Inspired by true events, Sitting in Bars with Cake follows best friends Jane (Yara Shahidi) and Corinne (Odessa A’zion) navigating life in Los Angeles in their twenties. Corinne, the ultimate extrovert, convinces her shy-but-extremely-talented home baker best friend Jane to commit to a year of baking cakes and bringing them to bars with the goal of meeting people and developing confidence – also known as “cakebarring.” During their year of “cakebarring,” Corinne receives a life-altering diagnosis, and the pair face a challenge unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Sitting in Bars with Cake isn’t only a madcap joyride through some of L.A.’s most colorful watering holes, it’s a moving celebration of female friendship, forging identity, and finding joy in the most unexpected places.


The Kidnapping Day

September 13, 2023
Cast: Yoon Kye-sangPark Sung-hoonJeon Yu-na

The Kidnapping Day is based on the Korean novel of the same name, which features a clumsy kidnapper and a genius child working together as they get tangled in unexpected circumstances. There will be thrilling twists and laughs along the way as the pair seek the truth behind mysteries and murder. Director Park Yu-young who took part in Model Family, Love Alarm Season 2, and Kingdom Season 1 will be helming the series with writer Kim Je-young who previously worked on films includingMiss Wife, Insane, and Cheese in the Trap.

The main cast stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, newcomer Yoo Na, and Kim Shin-rock. Yoon Kye-sang, who most recently starred in Kiss Sixth Sense, will act as desperate father Kim Myeong-jun who decided to kidnap Ro-hee in order to pay for his daughter’s hospital bills. Park Sung-hoon, who acted in The Glory, will portray Park Sang-yun who is a detective investigating the kidnapping. Yoo Na, who was chosen amongst 500 auditionees, will play the cynical and brilliant child Choi Ro-hee. Kim Shin-rock, who acted in Reborn Rich, will be Myeong-jun’s ex-wife Seo Hye-eun who proposes the kidnapping.

The Ghost Station

September 14, 2023
Runtime: 01 hr 20 mins
Cast: Kim Bo-raKim Jae-hyunShin So-yul

Na-young is a reporter in need of a big exclusive. Thanks to her friend Woo-won’s scoop, she learns about a series of deaths at Oksu subway station. She begins her reporting with his help, and strange events start happening to her…Something is lurking… at Oksu station…


September 15, 2023
Cast: Jenna Coleman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ashley Benson, Eric Balfour, Claire Rushbrook

Based on B.E. Jones’ novel of the same name, Wilderness features British couple Liv (Coleman) and Will (Jackson-Cohen) who seem to have it all: a rock-solid marriage; a glamorous new life in New York thousands of miles from their provincial hometown; and still young enough to feel that their whole lives are ahead of them. Until Liv learns about Will’s affair. Heartbreak is swiftly followed by another emotion: fury. Revenge is her only option, and when Will proposes a trip around America’s epic National Parks to give their relationship a fresh start, Liv knows just how to get it… Wilderness is a twisted love story, where a dream holiday and a supposedly “happily-ever-after” quickly turns into a living nightmare.


September 22, 2023
Runtime: 01 hr 39 mins
Cast: Gael García Bernal, Roberta Colindrez, Mark Vasconcellos

Saúl Armendáriz (Gael Garcia Bernal), a gay amateur wrestler from El Paso, rises to international stardom after he creates the character Cassandro, the “Liberace of Lucha Libre”. In the process, he upends not just the macho wrestling world, but also his own life. Based on a true story. Directed by Academy Award winner® Roger Ross Williams.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick

September 22, 2023
Cast: Mel GibsonColin WoodellMishel Prada

The three-part series will explore the origin behind the iconic hotel-for-assassins, which is the centerpiece of the John Wick universe. The show will be seen through the eyes of a young Winston Scott, as he’s dragged into the hellscape of 1970s New York City to face a past he thought he’d left behind. Winston charts a deadly course through the hotel’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing attempt to seize the hotel where he will eventually take his throne. Colin Woodell steps into Ian McShane’s shoes to play young Winston, while newcomer Ayomide Adegun takes up the mantle of Charon from the late Lance Reddick. The series also stars Mel Gibson, Mishel Prada, Jeremy Bobb, Ben Robson, Nhung Kate, Jessica Allain, and Hubert Point-Du Jour.

Gen V

September 29, 2023
Cast: Chance PerdomoLizze BroadwayJaz Sinclair

From the world of The Boys comes Gen V, which explores the training of the first generation of superheroes to know about Compound V, and that their powers were injected into them, rather than God-given. These young, competitive heroes put their physical and moral boundaries to the test, competing for the school’s highly coveted top ranking. They quickly come to learn that ambition comes with sacrifice, and the difference between right and wrong is not as clear as they once believed. When the university’s dark secrets come to light, the students must come to grips with what type of heroes they are going to become.

The series cast includes Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi. Gen V also features guest stars Clancy Brown and Jason Ritter, as well as appearances from Jessie T. Usher, Colby Minifie, and P.J. Byrne, reprising their roles from The Boys.

Prime Video ensures it goes out with a cinematic bang! These releases promise not just entertainment, but profound experiences that linger in the mind and heart. Whether it’s a tale that tugs at your heartstrings or a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this month’s line-up has something for every movie and TV enthusiast. So grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and let Prime Video transport you into realms of unparalleled storytelling. Here’s to nights of epic binge-watching!

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