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10 Movies Coming To Cinema One This June 2023

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we unveil the 10 Filipino must-watch movies premiering at Cinema One this June 2023. Uncover the films that will leave you in awe!

This June, prepare to be entertained as Cinema One brings a stellar lineup of Filipino blockbusters, perfect for a home movie marathon. From heartwarming romances to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, there’s a film for every taste. Engage with these must-watch Filipino movies, offering both light-hearted escapism and adrenaline-pumping excitement, right from the comfort of your own home!

Here are some films coming to Cinema One this month to add to your binge list:

The Ghost Bride

2017  PG   1 hr 51 mins

Starring Matteo Guidicelli and Kim Chui
June 2 | 5:00 PM

Journey into the mystical realm of ghost weddings in this gripping film. The Ghost Bride delves into the ancient Chinese tradition and its unnerving consequences. To save her family from being homeless and her father (Robert Sena) suffering from a heart condition, Mayen (Kim Chiu) desperately agrees to take the offer of a Chinese matchmaker (Alice Dixson) for a huge amount of money. In exchange, Mayen must submit herself as a Ghost Bride to a wealthy but dead Chinese man. This deal, however, happens to be a deadly curse when the deceased groom’s ghost becomes jealous and possessive of Mayen. It begins to take a toll on her and the people close to her heart. Ultimately, Mayen must make a choice on how to save herself, and most especially her family.


Block Z

2020  R-13   1 hr 41 mins

Starring Julia Baretto and Joshua Garcia
June 4 | 7:00 PM

A pulse-racing zombie horror flick that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Watch how a group of university students strive to survive an unexpected zombie outbreak. Directed by Mikhail Red, a disparate group of students must band together if they are going to survive during a deadly viral infection outbreak.

She’s Dating The Gangster

2014  PG   1 hr 45 mins

Starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla
June 9 | 7:00 PM

A timeless love story that transcends generations. This romantic drama is a testament to enduring love amidst trials and tribulations. Seventeen-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy Kenji de los Reyes. All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending to be his girlfriend to make an ex jealous; however, she falls in love with him.

Die Beautiful

2016  R-13   2 hrs

Starring Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bables
June 14 | 9PM

A heart-wrenching drama-comedy about a transgender woman’s pursuit of love and acceptance. It’s a true celebration of life, death, and the beauty in between. Trisha, a Filipino transgender woman, suddenly dies while being crowned in a beauty pageant. Her last wish was to be presented as a different celebrity on each night of her wake, but her conservative father wants to bury her as a man.

All You Need is Pag-ibig

2015  PG   1 hr 55 mins

Starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsay and Ian Veneracion
June 18 | 5:00 PM

Explore love in all its forms in this heartwarming anthology. It proves that love, indeed, is all you need. To remind everyone how inspiring it is to love and to feel loved, the powerhouse ensemble – Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsay, Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion, Nova Villa, Ronaldo Valdez, Pokwang, James “Bimby” Yap, and Julia and Talia Concio – join forces for this 2015 Metro Manila Film Fest entry. A heartwarming romantic and family movie, “All You Need Is Pag-ibig” explores and celebrates the complexity of human relationships in all their forms. The movie features varied forms of love: family love, sibling love, puppy love, unrequited love, ruined love, prospering love, in denial love, jaded love, and true love, among others. After all, what the world needs now is love.

Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles

2018  PG   1 hr 55 mins

Starring Coco Martin, Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza
June 18 | 3:00 PM

A fast-paced action comedy film where a police officer, a rookie, and a grifter join forces to fight against crime. It’s an absolute riot from start to finish! Three adventurous police officers – “puliscredibles”, as they call it – go on a mission to stop the crimes in their area.

The Prenup

2015  PG   1 hr 58 mins

Starring Jennylyn Mercado and Sam Milby
June 21 | 9:00 PM

A romantic comedy that delves into the practical side of love and marriage. Watch how a prenup agreement puts a young couple’s love to the ultimate test. Two people meet on a plane and fall in love in New York. They’re all set to get married back in the Philippines, but the guy’s rich parents are suspicious of the girl’s intentions and insist on a prenuptial agreement.

Boyette: Not A Girl Yet

2020  PG   1 hr 52 mins

Starring Zaijian Jaranilla, Inigo Dominic Pacual and Maris Racal
June 24 | 3:00 PM

A coming-of-age comedy that’s both heartfelt and humorous, revolving around Boyette, who is navigating his identity and adolescence. Zaijian Jaranilla plays a flamboyant gay teenager and a straight boy at the same time in “Boyette: Not a Girl Yet.” In the movie, Boyette (Zaijian) pretends to be straight when his long-time homophobic crush Charles (Inigo Pascual) recruits him to a dance club. In an awkward yet hilarious twist, Nancy (Maris Racal), Charles’ crush, ends up getting smitten by Boyette instead. While the film is very light-hearted, it effectively conveys an eye-opening message to its viewers – be unapologetically you and dismiss all the backlash about your sexuality because what’s important is your own happiness.


2002  PG   1 hr 50 mins

Starring Diether Ocampo, Dominic Ochoa, and Jodi Sta. Maria
June 25 | 5:00 PM

This ensemble drama-comedy is a nostalgic trip that explores the lives of various individuals and how their paths intersect in unexpected ways. There are some youths who call themselves “jologs” to mean they’re modern, open-minded and true to themselves, and whose lives intertwine.  Ruben (John Prats), the illegitimate son of a wealthy businessman, loses his college scholarship when the school finds out about his rich but indifferent father. He decides to rob his father’s house thinking that he has the right to share in his father’s money. Kulas (Vhong Navarro) is hopelessly transfixed in an unrequited love until he is harshly awakened to reality. Transvestite Shay (Baron Geisler) becomes a victim of gay bashing. Chona, after being taken cared of by Mando (Diether Ocampo) when she got pregnant, suddenly decides to leave for Japan and earn more money as entertainer, leaving her infant child with Mando.  Then there’s the vacationing seminarian Dino who falls in love with Fay (Jodi Sta. Maria). And although Faye throws herself at Dino, he restrains himself until his friend’s suicide which makes him realize that life is short so he should make the most of it. 

That Thing Called Tadhana

2014  PG   1 hr 50 mins

Starring JM De Guzman and Angelica Panganiban
June 30 | 7:00 PM

A poignant exploration of heartbreak, healing, and finding one’s self again, this movie resonates with anyone who has loved and lost. A woman struggling to meet airline baggage requirements meets a man who comes to her aid. They form a friendship that helps them mend each other’s hearts.

From thrilling adventures to laugh-out-loud comedies and heartfelt dramas, Cinema One brings a spectacular line-up for June 2023. Make sure to mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting cinematic journey!

Are you ready to experience the magic of these 10 phenomenal movies coming to Cinema One this June 2023? The only question left is: Which one will you watch first?

Remember to keep an eye out for next month’s update on the latest movies hitting Cinema One’s screen. For more Cinema One movies this June and for daily schedules of Cinema One, click here.

[Note: Channel schedules and movie lineup are subject to change without prior notice]

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