Boyette: Not a Girl Yet (2020)

Comedy, Romance


Zaijian Jaranilla plays a flamboyant gay teenager and a straight boy at the same time in “Boyette: Not a Girl Yet.” In the movie, Boyette (Zaijian) pretends to be straight when his long-time homophobic crush Charles (Inigo Pascual) recruits him to a dance club. In an awkward yet hilarious twist, Nancy (Maris Racal), Charles’ crush, ends up getting smitten by Boyette instead. While the film is very light-hearted, it effectively conveys an eye-opening message to its viewers – be unapologetically you and dismiss all the backlash about your sexuality because what’s important is your own happiness.
Main Cast
Zaijian Jaranilla  •  Maris Racal  •  Inigo Dominic Pascual
Released By
Star Cinema

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