Love at Second Sight: Time to rekindle the love for these returning Netflix series

For your binge-watching needs this Valentine season, we’ve rounded up returning Netflix series that you can include on your – and your special someone’s – must-watch lists.

Have you ever felt such an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach after watching the last episode of a favorite series? Some shows are sooo good that we become obsessed (hiya Joe Goldberg!). Of course with Netflix we can always revisit the titles we can’t live without, but there’s still something special about watching new episodes. 

*If you haven’t seen these titles, needless to say, spoilers, right ahead!* 

Part 1 of the new season premieres February 9. Part 2 premieres March 9

When we last saw Joe Goldberg, he was on his way to Paris to search for Marienne. But as we’ve seen in the trailer, the main setting for the new season is London, and our favorite love-to-hate / hate-to-love stalker is now… Professor Jonathan Moore. While we will certainly miss season 3 scene stealers Theo, the Conrads, and of course Love, we can’t wait to find out more about Joe / Jonathan’s exploits in London. It looks like it’s going to be a new season = new obsession – and not just for Joe.  

The new episodes will premiere February 10 


Are you still reeling from the revelations and confrontations in the reunion special? Regardless, it’s time to find out how the latest pod squad members have been doing since then. Is anyone in the family way? Rumor has it that fan-favorite couple Alexa and Brennon are trying their very best. Brennon even asked Netflix for a baby bottle version of the reality show’s very famous golden goblets, in an interview with Tudum. Speaking of reality show-famous, check out Perfect Match, too, an upcoming dating show that will feature alumni from Netflix’s dating competitions including The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, and of course, Love is Blind. Episodes will drop on February 14, 21 and 28. Hosted by, obviously, Nick Lachey. Happy Love Month! 

The new season premieres February 23 

Wasn’t Season 2 of Outer Banks such a wild ride? So full of twists and turns! Of course, we would love to check back in with our beloved Pogues, especially now that, as seen in the teaser, they seem to be living the (island) life in a piece of paradise they’ve nicknamed Poguelandia. Six people with shared trauma, triumphs and adventures isolated on a beautiful but mysterious island. Are there to be other couples besides John B and Sarah? More than this mystery though, we are dying to know more about the series’ biggest reveal so far: Big John is alive?!?! February 23 can’t come soon enough. 

Now streaming (premiered January 12)

A newly returned series in its sophomore year, Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2 is currently enjoying a cozy spot on the global Top 10 TV list by Netflix. As seen in the trailer, Leif, Freydís, and Harald are now on the run, having recently lost the Battle for Kattegat. Unfortunately for our main protagonist, Leif, he lost so much more at the battle: his love, Liv, died in his arms. How is this going to affect their survival and fight against Olaf in the new season?   

Now streaming (premiered January 13)

Coral, Wendy and Gina have done it; they’ve escaped from their pimp Romeo and his henchmen, and can finally live peacefully and lavishly, thanks to the four million euros they have in tow. But can they really? The third season of Sky Rojo, a popular Spanish series from the geniuses behind La Casa de Papel, premiered a few weeks ago on January 13, but if you haven’t seen it, check out the jampacked trailer. The women do seem like they’re having the time of their lives, partying with friends on a boat – until Moises, fueled by hatred and hellbent on revenge – catches up to them and puts into action his boss Romeo’s plan of a “massacre at sea.” Por favor, TV gods, let Coral, Wendy and Gina finally live the happy and peaceful life they deserve. 

Stream, download, and enjoy these films and series anytime, anywhere on Netflix.

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