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8 Movies Coming to PBO Channel This January 2023

We’ve rounded up eight movies from PBO's lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

If you feel like spending some of your free time this month of January on the couch, watching films, PBO Channel has you covered with their lineup of Pinoy movies. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve rounded up eight movies from their lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha

January 1, 6 AM | January 9, 11:30 AM | January 20, 9:30 PM
A lonesome alcoholic woman attempts to fulfill a local legend about the Family That Doesn’t Weep with the help of her nanny and her nanny’s uncle in the hopes of reuniting her own estranged family.

Bekis on the Run

January 3, 5:30 PM | January 13, 11:15 AM | January 18, 9 AM
Andres and his gay brother Donald try to rob a construction site to fund their guardian’s medication, but things get complicated, leaving them no choice but to run.

Your Place or Mine?

January 14, 9:30 PM | January 19, 1:30 PM | January 31, 7 AM
A young woman has a one-night stand with a total stranger. Fate brought them together again. And that’s where their whirlwind romance started.

The Maid in London

January 6, 9 AM | January 16, 7 AM | January 28, 11:30 PM
Inspired by true events, a young mother, Margo, and her best friend, Faye are forced to cling to the edge of a knife so they can travel in the United Kingdom.


Kita Kita

January 4, 1:30 PM | January 16, 7:30 PM | January 27, 11:30 PM
A film about a working Filipino woman working as travel guide in Sapporo, Japan who was driven to blindness due to extreme stress and heartache. While living alone, she found comfort in the company of a fellow Filipino who served as her eyes during her temporary blindness.

Double Barrel

January 2, 9 AM | January 12, 8:30 AM | January 24, 3:30 PM
A young impoverished couple work as hired killers.


January 10, 3:30 PM | January 18, 1:30 PM | January 29, 9:30 PM
Maya is a girl who has always held a pessimistic view of the rain, reminding her of failed love and other depressing things. Will the rain ever stop her in her journey to overcome past heartaches?

Boy Golden

January 7, 6 AM | January 18, 3:15 PM | January 23, 7:15 PM
The leader of a notorious gang is released from prison. He is on the lookout for the rival gang leader who is responsible for his imprisonment and also the rape and murder of his sister. He plots and executes revenge with the help of his friends.

For more Movies on PBO Channel this January and for the daily schedules of PBO, click here.

[Note: schedules are subject to change without prior notice]

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