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USD $1 ₱ 56.26 -0.2740 May 30, 2023
May 28, 2023
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₱ 49,873,926.20

Kita Kita

2017PG 1 hr 24 min
Comedy Romance
Lea is a tour guide in Japan who suffered from temporary blindness and if not cured in a few weeks could be permanent. Tonyo who lives right across from Lea is persistent and determined to be her friend. They then become closer and Lea has seen the true character of Tonyo.
Main Cast
Junpei Yamamoto  •  Alessandra de Rossi  •  Empoy Marquez
Film Producer
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Released By
Spring Films / Viva Films
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Ratings & Reviews

  • D
    My mind wanders on the movie scenes of Kita kita. The movie has a good hook in the beginning. I enjoyed the story plot. There are cues in the movie about what will happen in the end, but you won't it see it coming until you watch the end. You can have an hypothetical guess of who that man, "Tonyo" is. At that start, I was wondering why this man so eager making Lea happy. What did Lea do to him that everyday he has to make the depressed Lea happy? Then, as the movie went along, then you will see the cues. The movie has nice hinges that bridges one plot to another. But all I can say, good job for the director, it gives me the inspiration to value my eyes, the eye that can see beyond. There are themes in the movie that are really close to my heart, Japan, music box, most of the background music that nurture the sweetness of soul in us, the color (which most of pastel), the temperature and the quality of picture. Most of the elements physical, psychological or spiritual really touched my soul.
  • Already foreseen the sad twist to this BEAUTIFUL LOVE story halfway of watching it. ALL GOOD THINGS must END as the saying goes. The REVELATION at the finale made it a MASTERPIECE.
  • C
    The director is one of the best storyteller in the local film scene today. Love Anita and Lorna. I’m not a big fan of Alessandra’s acting and Empoy’s humor, but I can see the movie’s charm and unique storytelling. Some scenes are affecting.

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