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8 Android & iOS Games to Play on Meowbile If You Love Cats

Download these mobile games that are loaded with kitty cat cuteness!

Heads up, cat lovers! If you can’t get enough of the fluffy and fabulous felines, why don’t you exhibit your love for them in the digital world? Grab your smartphones, head to the App Store or Play Store, and download these mobile games that are loaded with kitty cat cuteness!

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Android | iOS

Set up your yard with toys and attract playful cats with food! Collect more than 40 varieties of cats, including rare ones, to add to your Catbook and become the next master kitty collector! You can even make albums with photos of your cats and use them as your phone’s wallpaper.

Photo: Google Play Store

Purrfect Spirits

Android | iOS

In this game, you play as a ghost who doesn’t know how to pass on, so you just pass the time watching the cats that visit your abandoned home. Feed the cats, redecorate your home, and watch them interact with the things and trinkets you’ve laid out for them!


Purrfect Tale

Android | iOS

This visual novel-style game puts you in the shoes of a girl who wakes up to find herself transported back in time when she was just a student. Create your cozy home, befriend cats, and watch them turn into humans! Just remember, the choices you make will impact your story so be sure to make the right decisions for a purrfect tale.

Photo: Google Play Store


Android | iOS

From the creators of Adorable Home comes KleptoCats, which lets you collect cats that will bring you all kinds of gifts. Send them away, see what treasure they will bring next, and watch your room transform from an empty space to a cool nook with eye-catching clutter.

Cat Simulator

Android | iOS

What if instead of collecting cats, you become one instead? Cat Simulator lets you play and goof around as a kitty who seems to get away with anything thanks to its cuteness. Explore different environments, interact with other animals, and unlock new cats!

Cats Are Cute

Android | iOS

If collecting cats in your home isn’t enough for you, then check out this game. In this game, you get to fill a whole town with adorable felines! Relieve some of your stress by building establishments around Meow Town and watching the cute cats roam free.

Super Cat Tales 2

Android | iOS

Super Cat Tales 2 is a cute platformer where you join Alex the Cat and his feline friends as they save Cat Land from mysterious tin soldiers. Presented with a retro aesthetic, go on an enjoyable adventure and become the hero as you clear over 100 levels, unlock new cats, discover hidden secrets, and more!

Cat Jump

Android | iOS

Here’s another game that gives you a dose of retro. Mechanics may seem simple– just go jumping over obstacles with your cat, and collect new cats in the process– but this arcade game can easily become addicting with eye-popping visuals and high-flying levels.

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