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10 Free iOS & Android Games for Your Much-Needed Dose of Cuteness

We can't help but love the cute things in life!

When work becomes too overwhelming, don’t forget to take a break. Have a rest, watch a comforting sitcom, or if your time’s too precious right now, play a game on your mobile. And because we know how cuteness can boost one’s morale, we recommend that you play games that combine its chill gameplay with kawaii visuals! On this list, we offer you just that. Here are ten free mobile games that will help you loosen up with their simple mechanics and lovable characters!

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Android | iOS

In this game, you own a cafe where you serve treats to Pokemon and work alongside them. Not only do the pocket monsters look adorable in uniform, the food and drinks featured in the game also look so good that we just envy its virtual diners! In order to create outstanding dishes, you must solve puzzles by linking Pokemons of the same kind.

Adorable Home

Android | iOS

Some might have had their fill of Adorable Home when it became a smash hit last year, but this title remains to be one of the cutest games you could play on mobile. With an adorable art style that reminds us of the sweet Sundae Kids comics, this game turns you into a homebody who must do chores, prepare meals for your partner, and feed your cute pets to get the hearts you need to decorate your home.

Photo: Adorable Home on the Play Store

Food Truck Pup

Android | iOS

A Shiba Inu in the kitchen? How cute is that! In this cooking and business management simulator, you gather a pack of pups that will help you run a food truck. Prepare crepes for customers, buy furniture for your food place, and dress up your cute four-legged crew members! As you progress, you can also hire part-timers, open up new shops, and be a business tycoon with your furry helpers!

Rakko Ukabe

Android | iOS

Another undeniably adorable animal, otters are the main star of this mobile game. The game is simple: you leave some food at the seaside and you will soon be visited by these lovely creatures! You can attract and interact with over 100 kinds of otters, with each of them having different personalities!

Tsuki Adventure

Android | iOS

Here’s another cute game from HyperBeard, the developers of Adorable Home. After having endured the stressful city life, little rabbit Tsuki begins a new life on a carrot farm at the rustic Mushroom Village. Witness Tsuki’s journey as the rabbit discovers the beauty of the countryside life alongside the Mushroom Village’s cute inhabitants. The follow-up to this game, Tsuki’s Odyssey, is also available for early access.


Android | iOS

Piffle takes the typical brick-breaking game and livens it up with cute aesthetics. Here you get to aim and shoot the Piffle balls, which are cats, dogs, and other cute animals that are balled up to be your bouncing bullets. Go on a quest against the evil Doc Block and collect the different kinds of Piffle balls in this soothing and aesthetically pleasing mobile game.

Miya’s Everyday Joy of Cooking

Android | iOS

Based on the Korean webtoon Joy of Cooking by Omyo, this game centers on Miya, a Korean girl in her 20s. Help Miya make heartwarming dishes, decorate her room for her cat Nacho, and solve simple puzzles in this slice-of-life game. Presented with cute hand-drawn visuals, the game also includes illustrations of mouthwatering dishes that are pulled straight from the original webtoon!


Android | iOS

Your goal in this award-winning idle game is to turn a desert island into a lively place where nature can thrive. Besides keeping the island clean, you also get to make decisions on how you want the place to develop, such as opening a resort or letting people tour the island. Each decision you make can have its benefits and consequences to this utopian space you need to manage.

Sumikkogurashi Farm

Android | iOS

If you’re into farming sims, Sumikkogurashi Farm is worth checking out! Immerse yourself into the game’s idyllic farm life and expand your land and town by keeping your cute Sumikko farmers hard at work. Of course, don’t forget to reward them with new garb and accessories!

Photo: Sumikkogurashi on the Play Store


Android | iOS

Tamagotchi meets the cuddly axolotls in this cute pet simulator game! Your role is to take care of the baby Axolochis– bathe it, feed it, and teach it to bring you random treasure from the seafloor. Once an Axolochi has fully grown, you can then release it to the mystical unknown. With every Axolochi you release, you’ll get a new Axolochi of a different color and kind!

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Homestream images from the Google Play Store.

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