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7 Cute Mobile Games Like ‘Adorable Home’

Looking for mobile games like Adorable Home for your android and iOS devices? Check these out!

Adorable Home took the country by storm in the past few weeks, with almost everyone having their own customized homes, partners, and pets all within their pocket. It is not even surprising that Netizens took their love for the game online, filling our newsfeeds and reaching high in the Twitter Philippines’ top trending.

Image: Google Play Store

Developed by Mexican gaming company HyperBeard, Adorable Home is a life simulation game where players can create their dream home, fill it with furniture, plants, and adorable pets, and have a loving partner– all presented in a simple yet charming aesthetic. The game just found the right balance in its combination of pet collecting, home decoration, and romance simulation.

There is just so much love for Adorable Home, but as with all the games out there, not all players will stay in-game, and this list is for everyone who is done with their Adorable Home, but still looks for a similar simulator game to play on their smartphones.

1. Stardew Valley

iOS | Android (P399)

Why stay at home when you can curate a whole land? Stardew Valley from Chucklefish Limited is a farm simulation game that is also available for PC, XBox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Like the popular game from our childhood Gameboy and DS consoles, Harvest Moon, this game turns you into a farmer in an open-world valley where you can raise crops and animals, go fishing, explore mines, interact with townspeople, marry someone, and so much more! The virtual valley is also presented in a clean pixelated style that really reminds us of our old-school games.


Of course, with hundreds of free mobile games out there, one may see Stardew Valley’s price point as a turn off, but with the vast possibilities of the game, with a lot of things to do and discover and tons of quests to fulfill, you’ll surely not get tired of this game anytime soon. Being released on multiple gaming platforms, play assured that there are enough intricate details put into the game that make its price worth it.

2. KleptoCats series

iOS | Android (Free)

If it’s the cats that made you fall in love with Adorable Home, then you don’t really need to look far for your next mobile game to play! HyperBeard’s KleptoCats series is also about maintaining your home filled with cats, except this time, it’s your kleptomaniac cats who would help you fill your home with stuff they’ve stolen. Take care of your “paw-some” friends, dress ‘em up, and have them bring in more things!

Besides KleptoCats & KleptoCats 2, HyperBeard also released KleptoDogs and KleptoCorns in case you prefer dogs and unicorns in this gameplay. Another special iteration of the game is the KleptoCats Cartoon Network which brings these mischievous felines into a crossover with some of our favorite Cartoon Network shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, and We Bare Bears.

3. Animal Restaurant

iOS | Android (Free)

Image: Google Play Store

If you really can’t get enough of cute animals then here’s another mobile game you can check out! In this clicker game, you are the owner Animal Restaurant who has to manage it with your feline staff and eccentric chef. You have to make sure that every furry customer that comes in your restaurant is well-served and satisfied. Learn new recipes, design your resto, and you can even listen to the life stories of your customers!

The game has a pretty similar aesthetic with Adorable Home when it comes to the animals but with a very different gameplay. So if you’re down for the cuteness, then Animal Restaurant is worth a try.

4. Neko Atsume

iOS | Android (Free)

Image: Google Play Store

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is one of the mobile games that ruled the App Store and Play Store in cat collecting long before Adorable Home arrived. On this game, you just put playthings and food on your yard and you’ll get visited by cats that come in more than 40 variations. Certain items can also lure rare cats that may be in quirky costumes but just as lovely. Fill up your Catbook with all the visiting cats and become a master kitty collector!

Another feature of the game is buying wallpapers from the shop. Using in-game currency, you can purchase and download phone wallpapers so you’ll get to see your favorite kitties everytime you pick up your smartphone! 

5. Kawaii Home Design

iOS | Android (Free)

If it’s the satisfaction of decorating a home that makes Adorable Home appealing for you, then it’s Kawaii Home Design that you have to try next, especially if you love those cute chubby chibi cheeks!

In this game, you are an interior designer and not only do you get to personalize your own showroom, you are also sought out by clients to design and decorate their homes. A lot of features also await players of this game, including a community poll with other players; visiting your friends’ showroom; and even expressing yourself through your own chibi character which you can customize and dress up based on whatever it is that you fancy!

6. Dream House Days (and other Kairosoft games)

iOS | Android (Free)

Image: Google Play Store

Some of you may have heard of or played games from developer Kairosoft Co., Ltd. Kairosoft is known for making simulation games for mobile with their distinct pixel graphics art style. Dream House Days is their home simulation game where you are the manager of an apartment with the goal of building a dream home for your tenants. Design the rooms with all kinds of items and furniture and see occupants live their lives in the home you created. They’ll even look for your guidance when it comes to their career and romantic choices, and with your help they may even land their dream job or get married and create their own family!

If you love simulation games, other Kairosoft games worth checking out are Game Dev StoryPocket HarvestDungeon Village, and Grand Prix Story to name a few.

7. Mystic Messenger

iOS | Android (Free)

If it’s a new virtual partner that you’re looking for, (we won’t judge!) then try the dating sim Mystic Messenger, for ages 17 and up. We’re warning you though, because this time-consuming game is not as simplistic as Adorable Home and might get overwhelming especially if you just want a relaxing mobile game to play. Still, when it comes to romance simulation games, this one is worth mentioning.

Mystic Messenger is a Korean mobile game where players take the role of the female character who got bored and stumbled upon the eponymous messaging app. Here, you get to chat with a group of attractive guys who are asking you to join their secret party planning association called the RFA. Interact with the characters through chats, texts, and phone calls (voiced in Korean), and ultimately be part of the game’s interesting story.

To wrap everything up, nothing beats the kind of home that we all dream of, where we can live happily the way we want. This is probably the reason that we are all getting hooked with Adorable Home and other similar simulation games. And nothing’s wrong with that, because like books, TV shows, and films, video games can, in a way, give us the kind of adventures and limitless possibilities that we can’t have yet in our real lives.

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