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Holiday Wishlist: K-drama Fans

2020 Holiday Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for the K-Drama Fan

Get your presents ready for the upcoming holidays!

Christmas is fast approaching and even if our usual gatherings are prohibited because of the pandemic, we can still send our love to friends and family by sending them gifts we know they’d highly appreciate.

In our 2020 Holiday Wishlist series, we round up some gift ideas that can help you with your holiday shopping even if you’re mostly stuck at home. This week we take a look at gift-worthy items for the ultimate K-drama fan.

From fan merch to official goods, here are 5 items your stan squad will totally love:

Mangtae and Dooly Plush Dolls

Price: P1650

Gift Ideas K-drama It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Photo: Aegyo.PH

Perfect for those who still haven’t moved on from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, these dolls are replicas of those that Sang Tae used to carry around in the drama. Not only is Mang Tae such a cute little addition to your everyday bags, it might also just serve the same purpose to you and actually prevent you from getting bad nightmares!

To pre-order these official items from South Korea, you can check out You can also pre-order the storybooks mentioned in the drama from this shop.


Itaewon Class Webtoons Boxed Set

Price: $164 (or roughly P7919.56)

Gift Ideas K-drama Itaewon Class
Photo: Harum

In case you didn’t know (or have already forgotten), Itaewon Class is actually based on a webtoon or manhwa. If you want to own a physical copy of the manhwa, a boxed set that has 8 volumes of Itaewon Class is also available online. The books are all in Korean, though, as the story hasn’t been translated to other languages yet.

Pre-order the boxed set here. You can also buy official merch from other K-drama titles on this website.

Tote Bags

Price: P280

For the friend who loves collecting and using tote bags, you might want to check out these designs from IG store 3 Broke Chingus. The shop offers designs featuring famous Korean slangs and references famous Korean dramas like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Legend of the Blue Sea. Since it’s both cute and functional, these statement totes are the perfect gifts for the K-drama fan who always brings way too much stuff outside.

To order, you can check out 3 Broke Chingu’s Instagram page.

K-Drama Pins

Price: Button Pins are at P50, while Enamel Pins start at P220.

If you’re into collecting pins of all kinds and designs, then these items from Pointy Little Things might just be right up your alley. They have so many designs which you can choose from, but what we love the most from their catalog are their enamel pins that reference dramas like Crash Landing On You and Goblin. They even have K-drama-themed button pins, which are perfect to decorate your new tote bags with (see above)!

You can browse through the items they have on their Instagram page and order via their website.

K-drama Stickers

PRICE: P129 (per sticker pack)

A gift for the friend who has a known collection of cute stickers, why not check out the designs from Heart Cheeks Studios? The shop has K-drama and K-pop themed sticker packs which are the perfect addition to the collage of stickers you have on your journals, laptop covers, and phone cases!

Check out the Heart Cheeks Studios’ designs on Instagram. You may also place your orders via the shop’s official Shopee page.

Do you know some gift ideas that plant parents will appreciate? Let us know via Connect!

Homestream images are from Harum and Pointy Little Things’ official Instagram page.

2020 Holiday Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for the Plantito & Plantita

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