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Gifts for Plant Parents

2020 Holiday Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for the Plantito & Plantita

Get your presents ready for the upcoming holidays!

Christmas is fast approaching and even if our usual gatherings are prohibited because of the pandemic, we can still send our love to friends and family by sending them gifts we know they’d highly appreciate.

In our 2020 Holiday Wishlist series, we round up some gift ideas that can help you with your holiday shopping even if you’re mostly stuck at home. This week we take a look at gift-worthy items for the plant parents close to your heart.

We’ll skip the plants on this list, but if you do want to gift potted plants, you can check out our list of plant shops in Metro Manila instead.

Clae’s Customized Pots

Starts at P350 (Prices for custom designs vary)

It is always flattering when your gift has a personal touch to it. While Clae’s minimalist pots are already aesthetic, seeing a specific artwork that can communicate to the gift recipient will definitely make it more special.


To order, send them a message on Instagram.

Simplifist’s Fabric Planters

Starts at P150

This chic pot alternative from Simplifist is also a nice gift to plant lovers. It can make one’s plant collection pop with eye-catching designs and colors that would look beautiful in the owner’s home.

To order, send them a message on Instagram.

Instagram Finds: #Aesthetic Plant Propagation Vessels from Simplifist

Studio Habil’s Moss Terrariums

Starts at P379

The moss terrariums of Studio Habil require zero maintenance but they can add more character to one’s huddled plants at home. They offer these mini-ecosystems in glass jars, lightbulb jars, glass domes, open frames, and even in small accessories.

To order, you can message them on Instagram or purchase at the Common Room’s website and its branches.

Plains & Prints’ Vivid Optimism Dress and Mask

Available for P2,498

If you’re searching for an extra-special gift for a certain fashionable plant parent in your life, this gorgeous floral dress from Plains & Prints is your best bet. It also comes with a matching mask so that they can nail such a look even amid this pandemic.

You can order at their website, Lazada, or shop in one of their stores.

Cheryl Owen’s Stationery

Starts at P129

For those who love cute crafts and stickers, Cheryl Owen’s foliage and floral designs can really appeal to the plant-loving crowd. She makes beautiful cards, printable sticker sets, and weekly planners that are perfect for a plant parents’ home office.

You can purchase them through the Common Room’s website and its branches. The artist is also at Etsy.

Photos: Common Room website

Do you know some gift ideas that plant parents will appreciate? Let us know via Connect!

Homestream images from Clae and Studio Habil on Instagram.

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