Seklusyon (2016)

R-16 Horror 1 hr 30 min
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The movie is set in the 1940s and is about a ritual of seclusion where new priests in training confine themselves in a retreat. Secluded in the retreat house, they are now left to confront their inner demons and the arrival of a nun and a child.
Main Cast
Phoebe Walker  •  Elora Espano  •  Rhed Bustamante
Released By
Star Cinema
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  • C
    The strength of the movie is in its Cinematography which is top notch. However, the movie had a very predictable storyline. The movie had a lot of potential. it started well and easily captured the moviegoers attention thtough superb captured visuals. However, as the movie progressed, there were some characters that were left out and didnt seem to jive to the overall content. One was Lou Veloso's characyer and the other was the priest investigating the kid. Lou got crazy and the priest died. Both characters didnt have much relevance to the story and could have been easily removed without any impact to the story. I was actually waiting for a twist at the end but there wasnt any. Before the movie even reached the third act, I already was able to figure out who is who.

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