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10 Filipino Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Ready for some good scares this Halloween? Here are some local films you might want to check out!

The spooky season is here once again, and we all know that Halloween must not pass without getting ourselves some of that fear-induced adrenaline rush! So if you’re on the lookout for movies to get you spooked this month, then look no further. On this list, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular Pinoy horror movies that you might want to watch this Halloween!


Aurora from director Yam Laranas tells the story of the islander Leana and her younger sister Rita. When a fatal shipwreck happens on the rocky shores of their island, the siblings try to look for missing bodies, until the dead comes looking for shelter instead. Watch Aurora on Netflix.


Directed by Mikhail Red, Eerie follows a guidance counselor at a Catholic school for girls, who slowly unravels the mystery behind a student’s death through the help of a spirit. Watch Eerie on Netflix.


Another Yam Laranas film, Nightshift is about a young woman whose first day working at the morgue turns into a nightmare, when the dead bodies start to show signs of resurrection. Watch Nightshift on YouTube.


From director Erik Matti comes Seklusyon, a horror flick that revolves around a group of aspiring priests who are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion. Soon, a child who can perform miracles arrives, but is her power really from God or something else?



Jerrold Tarog’s Bliss is a psychological horror starring Iza Calzado. It follows the aging actress Jane who tries to direct her first film, but an accident during filming cripples her. As she stays home, surrounded by people whom she thinks might harm her, Jane’s sanity begins to crumble. Watch Bliss on Netflix.


Based on real events, Roderick Cabrido’s Clarita is about the story of demonic possession that took place in the 1950s. After being apprehended by the police, a woman named Clarita soon showed signs of being attacked by an invisible attacker. Soon, the police call on a priest to exorcise her. Watch Clarita on Apple TV.

Feng Shui

Chito S. Roño’s 2004 film Feng Shui has truly become a Pinoy horror classic. It tells the story of a woman who brings home an antique bagua, which seems to bring her family good luck. But with every stroke of luck she receives, someone close to her dies. Watch Feng Shui on Netflix.


Another Chito S. Roño classic, Sukob follows two couples who unknowingly commit the superstitious sukob, where one marries within the same year when an immediate relative died. Soon, the curse takes over their lives, killing the people around them one by one. Watch Sukob on Apple TV.


Erik Matti’s Kuwaresma features a dysfunctional family unit at the core of its horrors. A young man returns home to his strict father and submissive mother after the death of his twin sister. Soon, the ghost of his twin seems to haunt their home. Watch Kuwaresma on Netflix.


Peter Abanna’s Banal tells the story of a group of teenagers who decided to trek a sacred mountain during their summer break, but they are welcomed by a sinister force prowling the woods.

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